Jim Carrey is quite good, but The Truman Show full movie falls short

Despite elaborate trappings that would be suggested otherwise, I strongly suspect that The Truman Show full movie is not really about much of anything at all, and I’m not the first person to posit this theory. Both David Denby and critic Janet Maslin from New York Magazine and New York Times have questioned the less-than-insightful content of The Truman Show movie.

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Still, pretty much every other writer has fallen into rhapsodic spasms over the post-modern brilliance of what Jim Carrey, director Peter Weir and screenwriter Andrew Niccol have concocted. The American public will almost certainly ignore or chastise the critics who dare to point out the non-existent bottom of this movie, and that makes more of a point about the vapid-ness of a viewing audience than anything that’s on display in the movie itself.

I’ve seen people take this trip before in the name of Forrest Gump, so I know I’m in for another losing battle. That movie argued that the turmoil of recent American history can be readily digested and forgotten if you’re truly committed to not thinking about it all that much in the first place.

Back with The Truman Show free online movie, it is a vastly superior film to Forrest Gump, but it suffers from the same easily chewable veneer of righteousness. It’s a feel-good movie, but I’d be hard pressed to explain what it is that the audience is supposed to feel so damn good about.

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The story goes with Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) as a 30-year-old man who doesn’t realize that every moment of his life is part of a 24-hour-a-day TV show. Outside of the literally domed universe that he lives in, people gather around their televisions and ogle him in his most private moments. The creator of the show, watches the action through 5,000 hidden cameras directing the story by whispering instructions into microphones that are planted in the ears of the “extras” in Truman’s life.

The Truman Show full movie is Carrey’s first shot at a serious movie for years, and I’m glad to see what he delivers. There are a couple of quick, unfortunate moments of tongue waggling, but Truman is a sympathetic, quietly formulated character. The sequence of Truman starting to realize that all he has to do to stop entire lanes of traffic is stand in the street and raise his arms and that everyone in his life seems to be carefully positioned around him for maximum effect at any given moment is actually pretty chilling. You have to wonder how Truman could have managed to avoid noticing this bizarre setup during the previous 30 years of his existence.

This is a fantasy movie, so you have to cut it some slack, but I was eventually forced to start cutting the slack some slack. The moments of foolishness start piling up so quickly. For instance, during the last part of the movie, when Truman finally decides to make a clandestine run for it, Christof (Ed Harris) leaps into a panic because they can’t find his creation. Evidently, Christof has forgotten about the 5,000 cameras that have enabled him to pull this stunt off for the past quarter of a century, so he enlists the cast of Truman’s life to march down Main Street together shouting Truman’s name. When Truman is finally discovered trying to make his break via a sailboat out on the ocean, the means of discovery is just a camera.

watch the truman show free online

The story’s real message is that country full of bozos who sit there watching Truman instead of living their own lives. However, God forbid you should start dissecting that mindset. It might upset the people sitting in the theater, and when that happens, there goes your box office.

Truman’s TV-viewing audience are simply blobs staring at a tube. The effect is of vacant people watching vacant people watching vacant people. The movie continually winks at the audience telling them how smart they are, but it simultaneously circumscribes its own ambitions for fear of losing them.

The Truman Show full movie will probably be the most thought-provoking movie to come out. However, you should only go see it for Carrey’s newly unveiled charms. There’s very little about it that would be detrimental to be a highly illuminating piece of work.

Jim Carrey is quite good, but The Truman Show full movie falls short
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  • whitney portales

    It never asks too much of you, only you find yourself giving yourself over to it wholey.
    As Christof says ” there is nothing fake about The Truman Show. It’s alive….”
    Watch it, and so shall you be. I guarantee it.

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