First-Look Photos of Murder on the Orient Express 2017 film

Finally, we have a chance to look at the all-star ensemble for the remake of Murder on the Orient Express 2017 film. The first photos of the cast have been released online.

The train is definitely on the right tracks for Kenneth Branagh’s big screen adaptation of Agatha Christie’s famous novel. Due for release this November, the movie will look to live up to the legacy of the 1974 adaption directed by Sidney Lumet, that version starred Albert Finney, Lauren Bacall, Sean Connery and Ingrid Bergman. That version won one Oscar and was nominated for five others. Branagh has assembled his own high-profile cast hoping to go beyond or, at least, leave a similar mark.

The murder-mystery is stuffed with A-list star as Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer and Penélope Cruz coming together. Elsewhere, the all-star cast has the participation of the rising star including Daisy Ridley, Dame Judi Dench and Willem Dafoe. Branagh also join the cast as Detective Hercule Poirot. They are looking more glamorous than ever as they prepare to possibly get their tickets stamped for a one-way trip.

There is no denying that Branagh has captured the look of the era. That’s all thanks to the costume designer being the Oscar-winner Alexandra Byrne doing his best. You may also notice Branagh’s comical mustache showing that he will be sporting classic Poirot and something which has rather impressed Daisy Ridley as she said “When I saw it I was like, Holy moly! But this is a larger-than-life story, so why not make the mustache larger, too?”

First published in 1934, the novel underwent a name change, so there wouldn’t be any confuse with Christie’s novel. Branagh’s adaptation will return to its intended title and hopefully do Christie’s work justice. Based on the author’s actual travels on the Orient Express, Murder on the Orient Express 2017 film story comes from a time when the luxury train traveled between Istanbul and Paris.

The plot follows a meticulous Poirot as the train finds itself stuck in a freak blizzard. Things get worst when a body found stabbed. It is up to the Belgian detective to find out the murderer among over a dozen suspects while knowing that the killer is still onboard and will strike again. Murder on the Orient Express 2017 film have many of the parts being relatively small, and that allowed Branagh to cast some huge stars without taking up too much of their time. However, even this was no mean feat for the director to pull off “It was a ton of planning, I’ll tell you. A delicate web of availability”.

For those who don’t know the big twist, Murder on the Orient Express 2017 film  is one of the best who doing it out there and Branagh is certainly aiming high with his galaxy of actors.

First-Look Photos of Murder on the Orient Express 2017 film
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