So Far, What Have We Known About Deadpool 2? Part 3

We are back, and you probably didn’t see that coming. There are information about Deadpool 2 movie that we still want to share.

The Budget of Deadpool movie

Deadpool was made for a reported $58 million which is just a fraction of what most superhero blockbusters may cost these days. Due to that low budget, the movie’s box office totals are even more significant inspiring 20th Century Fox to throw a whole lot more money at Deadpool 2.

However, the movie’s screenwriters/producers said that going bigger with the sequel isn’t really something in which they’re interested because it doesn’t really fit the eponymous anti-hero to put him in a giant blockbuster.

From a creative standpoint, one could also see a more limited budget being a strong tool for the brains behind Deadpool 2 full movie. After all, the less money the project has, the less pressure and attention it’s going to receive from meddling studio executives. By staying on the smaller budget and making smart decisionsDeadpool 2 movie can remain true to its source material.


The team-up of Deadpool, Domino and Cable makes Marvel fans thinking of X-Force. We know that 20th Century Fox has a X-Force movie in development, and it would make sense if Deadpool 2  be a first step in that direction.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick said that they don’t have any plans on overloading Deadpool 2 with a lot of future planning, but X-Force is something that is coming together down the pike in a few years. We’re definitely hoping that it has some kind of tie-in to Josh Boone’s in-development New Mutants feature, which will be in theaters two months before Deadpool 2.

Connection to The X-Men Universe

In Deadpool, the fact that there are only two X-Men characters around is openly mocked by the Merc With The Mouth as he is shocked by just how empty Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters seems to be. The budget for Deadpool 2 is going to stay limited, we don’t expect Professor X’s full team to show up in the sequel, but we do anticipate that it will continue to have ties to the rest of the X-Men Universe.

Deadpool proved to be the X-Men franchise movie with both the biggest opening weekend and highest domestic gross. However, their PG-13 and R ratings may clash a bit, the studio will surely want to use all of the positivity surrounding Deadpool and have it more closely associated with the other X-Men titles on which they are working. Exactly how far this will go probably won’t be revealed until the film is actually in theaters, but it’s not hard to expect a significant connection.

Okay, that is it. Now, you have known everything about Deadpool 2 that have been revealed. For me, I more than exciting to watch the movie next year. How about you?

So Far, What Have We Known About Deadpool 2? Part 3
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