Easter Eggs You May Miss in IT 2017 movie

Adapted from Stephen King’s novel of IT 2017 movie, the movie follows the seven kids of the Losers’ Club as they trying to thwart an evil, clown-shaped nightmare in the small town of Derry.

Being sandwiched between the blood eruptions and jump scares are nods to both the original movie and the wider King mythology to satisfy even the most hardcore fans. Let’s take a trip down into the sewers to look at all the Easter Eggs you may miss while watching IT 2017 movie with your eyes covered.

IT 2017 movie

IT 2017 Pennywise doll

In the first visit to the run-down house at 29 Neibolt Street, Bill, Eddie and Richie get separated and each has the chance to experience their own horrors. Richie (Finn Wolfhard) finds himself locked in a room full of clown dolls. They aren’t just any terrifying clown dolls, if you look closely to the left of the shrouded coffin in the center stands a figure looking familiar to Pennywise from the 1990 mini-series portrayed by Tim Curry.

IT 2017 Werewolf hands

In both the book and the miniseries, Richie’s main fear is werewolves, a fear he gets after watching I Was a Teenage Werewolf at the local theater. Naturally, that’s the shape the Pennywise usually takes when it appears for him. There aren’t any werewolves in 2017 IT movie, but audiences do get a quick glimpse of that lupophobia during the encounter at 29 Neibolt Street. While the monster advances on Eddie, Bill, Richie and Beverly, you can see werewolf claws start to rip through its clown gloves.

IT 2017 Werewolf hands

IT 2017 Tracker Bros. shirt

The he costume department were the real heroes of this movie. From Eddie’s Airwolf t-shirt to the bully Belch Huggins’ Anthrax tee, the kids’ outfits are all about the sweet, creamy nostalgia of childhood in the late ’80s. That makes one shirt in particular stands out. When Eddie, Richie and Bill are looking for Georgie in the drainage pipe early in the movie, Bill’s wearing a green shirt with a nondescript round logo in the center. If you look closer, you can see that the logo says Tracker Bros. In the novel, Tracker Brothers is a shipping company in Derry, that is where grown-up Eddie enciunter Pennywise when he gets back to Derry.

IT 2017 Christine shirt

Bill isn’t the only IT’s character who boasts a cottony Easter egg in this movie. You may spot the design on Bill’s t-shirt in the scene when the kids realize they’d seen the same freaky thing. It’s an angry car with what appears to be a chrome V on the front. That relates to Christine – King’s 1983 novel about a killer car. Thing is getting more interesting since Christine also makes an appearance in the IT novel as a corpse driving a red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury.

IT 2017 Freese’s shirt

In addition to the two above, we also see Richie wearing a shirt proudly advertising Freese’s.

Freese’s was a department store in Bangor, Maine operated from 1892 to 1985. So why would Richie wear a shirt from a defunct store that operated in a completely different town?

It is mentioned briefly in the book, but even then, it’s mostly in the context of the Bangor store which happens to be Stephen King’s longtime home. It’s a nod to the creator of IT 2017 movie.

IT 2017 Silver bike

Bikes seem to be forgotten in the movie, but fans of the novel may have noticed one bike in particular that plays a big part in the original novel. It’s Bill’s silver Schwinn happening to have the word “Silver” printed on the frame. In the book, that bike actually saves two lives. Although none of that happened in the movie, the small detail of putting a name on Bill’s beloved bike probably wasn’t lost on fans.

IT 2017 The Bradley Gang mural

The filmmakers stuck a ton of tiny details into the background of IT 2017 movie, but one of the best was the mural of the Bradley Gang shootout. In the book, they are a group of outlaws who were killed by the Derry townsfolk in 1929, which was the last time Pennywise was awake before the Losers’ Club confronts him. It’s an excellent nod to the source material for anyone paying attention, although most people were probably pretty distracted by the charred hands clawing at the door frame.

IT 2017 Turtle

The scene of the Losers’ Club swimming only shows how their friendship is getting stronger. Still, one random line in that scene may be a nod to the deeper, cosmic side of Pennywise that wasn’t entirely shown in IT 2017 movie. In that scene, one of the kids shouts “There’s a turtle”. It’s kind of a weird thing to say since there’s no turtle in the scene, but there is a turtle in the book. That turtle is very important as a mortal enemy of Pennywise. It an ancient being that puked the universe out all over the void of nothingness that existed before the world, and it gave Bill the knowledge he needed to defeat Pennywise

IT 2017 Deadlights

As Pennywise showing Beverly his faces, she looks down his throat to see three orange lights swirling around each other. A moment later, she’s comatose and floating in the air. It’s a giant WTF moment for anyone new to IT 2017 movie, but diehard fans gave a silent cheer. Whether or not the cosmic side of Pennywise is explored more deeply in part two is uncertain as of this writing, but the deadlights cameo in the first part certainly make for a satisfying Easter egg.

Easter Eggs You May Miss in IT 2017 movie
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