Tony and Bruce go for a check-up

So far, the only people who have set foot in 177A Bleeker Street are Sorcerer Supremes and Norse gods. Now, two average schmoes, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, are standing in the foyer of the Sanctum Sanctorum. How they come to be there is still unknown.

Our Spider Senses are tingling

Something we didn’t see in Spider Man Homecoming was Peter’s spider sense, which gives him a heads-up when stuff’s about to go down. Director Jon Watts said it was an aspect of the character we might see in later movies and eureka, we see the hairs standing up on Peter’s arm in the Infinity War trailer when he sees that strange ring in the skies of New York.

The Tesseract

It’s a love story as old as time, Loki and the Tesseract. After all these years, he finally has it back in his hands, but who are those people on the ground and who is he holding it out to? Please don’t tell us he’s already betrayed Thor again and is now working for Thanos. His Chitauri invasion plan in Avengers 1 was orchestrated by the Mad Titan so maybe Loki owes him a debt for messing that one up.

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Thanos arrives

We’ve only ever seen Thanos smiling, sitting on a throne, or putting on a nice shiny glove. In this trailer, we finally get to see his full range of movement and his first appearance has him walking out of some kind of wormhole. Is that the purpose of that circle in the sky? Does it create a portal to Earth?

Spidey’s new suit

It’s the costume we got a glimpse of at the end of Homecoming when Tony offered Peter a place in the Avengers. The new suit is sleek and metallic-looking, which has us wondering if this is a cinematic version of the Iron Spider suit from the comics?

Thor’s strange workout

The God of Thunder is at the center of some strange circular doohickey, which resembles the spaceship from Interstellar. The purpose it serves is a mystery, but Matt Damon appeared in both universes so that’s our first lead.

Cap comes out of exile

“Get this man a shield,” says King T’Challa as a grizzled Captain America emerges from the shadows. Where’s he been hiding out since Civil War? T’Challa offered him and Bucky asylum in Wakanda, so that’s where Cap could have been. Still, he doesn’t seem the type to just sit around an African palace when people need to be helped.

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Pillars from the sky

No, not the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but close. Giant pillars are smashing down to Earth and something tells us they’re not friendly.


What are those strange four-armed aliens we see Cap and T’Challa fighting? They look like buffer versions of the lifeforms from Alien. Perhaps they’re scouts for Thanos like the parademons are for Steppenwolf?

Thanos packs a mean punch

In this trailer, we see Thanos best three Avengers – Spider Man, Iron Man, and Vision — as if they were insects. These clips show that he’s a villain unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the MCU. He’s strong, ruthless, and remorseless enough to choke Peter and pry the Infinity Stone right off of Vision’s noggin.

Bucky out of stasis

When last we saw the Winter Soldier, he was in cryo-sleep in Wakanda so Steve could figure out a way to erase his best friend’s brainwashing. Now he’s cocking the magazine of a machine gun before an epic Wakandan battle. The threat must be large enough that they’re trusting a dangerous, Soviet-made weapon with a gun of that caliber. This battle also means we get a lot more Wakanda less than three months after the release of Black Panther.

Who the hell are you guys?

That’s what the now-eye patched Thor asks the Guardians of the Galaxy, who are saved for the trailer’s final “you-thought-we-were-finished-didn’t-you?” moment. Groot is substantially more grown and Mantis is among their ranks too. People who’d seen early footage of Infinity War over the summer made mention of the Guardians picking up Thor, who was just floating out in space. Thanos’ massive ship showed up at the end of Ragnarok, so we guess he decimated the one carrying the Asgardians and left Thor for dead. Luckily, the king of Asgard now has a ride to Earth with some killer tunes along the way.

The release date of Avengers Infinity War

The timing of Avengers Infinity War is not lost on us. May 4 is, well, May the Fourth. Since Lucasfilm and Marvel are owned by Disney, the fourth is a big day for geekdom and strategically sound for a movie release of this magnitude

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