Why we deserve a Harry Potter reboot

While a lot of Potter fans are sensitive and welcome the concept, we believe a reboot could be the best thing ever happened to Harry Potter.

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We’re tired of listing the stuffs we would want change about the current Potter movies, or longing for a Harry Potter reboot taking place in 50 years time, we demand one right now. Tomorrow, if possible. After all, it would be worthless camping out at that midnight premiere with our walking sticks and fake teeth.

For sure, we certainly don’t believe it will actually become reality, and producer David Heyman has confirmed that a reboot is not likely to be taken place. But we’re Harry Potter crazes – boring old reality won’t seize us from dreaming of the long-waiting flawless installment.

We also understand that many other Potter fans like us genuinely adore Harry Potter reboot movies, and that is their priority. However we will always keep in mind that we’re fans of JK Rowling’s incredible franchise first and foremost, and we don’t see it’s harmless to discuss what could have been done better in adapting Potter for the screen. And we believe there’re tons that could have turned out better – enough to ensure a completely new installment.

From the range of actors and directors to the actual creation of Harry’s world, we have narrowed our reasons down to the solid number 4. And as we’re completely worn out fans who are used to experienced heartbreak, we have also clarified exactly why don’t expect to watch a reboot of Potter anytime soon.


This could really be our one and solely reason. It wasn’t until Deathly Hallows was released that the story all made sense for us fanatics, so how were the moviemakers going to be able to figure out what was crucial and what wasn’t before it was done? Certainly, JK Rowling was giving them some resourceful hints, but we only need to keep in mind the mess that was Snape’s Worst Memory to find that their only strategy of “Oh, ask Jo” did not always useful. Making an adaptation in hindsight would allow the production and writing crew a total understanding of character developments as well as storylines. How can you cast someone in Philosopher’s Stone when you are not sure of what they’ll face in Deathly Hallows? Not to mention the magic realm, foreshadowing, more foreshadowing, and more foreshadowing. JK Rowling was an expert of foretelling, leaving tiny traces for us to figure out on the way. You can’t blame us for wanting to see a few of those hints actually featured in the films, right?

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One of the most essential elements of the Harry Potter films is undoubtedly the magic. And since magic doesn’t actually exist, it depends on the creators to bring it to life in any way they want. And different from flashing lights, smoke and mirrors, the Harry Potter franchise aimed for the more technical form of magic: swaying staircases, bolts that strike in complex ways, and magic wands working like guns. And while a bunch of people would love the parallels being drawn to the real world by having magic mostly replace technology, we can’t help but sense that some of the magic got lost a long the way. Call us out-moded, but we want our magic to be less practical, and rather be more magical. We demand staircases that fly somewhere else on a Tuesday. We want complex spells creating colorful stuffs. We want circles and curves rather than squares and straight lines. One way reboot Harry Potter films could entirely stand out from the original ones would be to go in an utterly different direction with the visuals.

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Yes, we are talking about you, Michael Gambon. We don’t care about the whole “He didn’t need to read the books, it should all appear in the script” kind of thing. If an actor doesn’t want to read the books, we personally don’t want to see them show up anywhere near this project. It is too special for too many people. We want a passionate, understandable cast, who simply don’t care about being regarded as serious actors, but who actually appreciate the story itself. And while we’re discussing this particular aspect, let’s not overlook our personal turn-off: do a careful search for the central group of kids. We realize it’s extremely hard to tell at 9 or 10 or 11 just what sort of an actor a child will grow up to be at 19 or 20, but that is not an excuse to cast people just because of their natural hair color. This is Harry’s story, and Harry and his pals own the majority of the screen time. Unfortunately if we are being entirely opposed, the kid actors were at times the weakest links in the movies, and we would highly like to see a new hyper-talented group of friends for the next ones.

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Why we deserve a Harry Potter reboot
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