DEATH NOTE 720p 2017 – A Strange Yet Fun Ride

Death Note 720p may not attract the whole world, but its exploration of highest power corrupting absolutely is however amazingly weird and lovingly made.

Adapting the iconic manga series by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, Death Note brings a genre mash-up that delightfully celebrates its source material while also serving as promising project for Adam Wingard (You’re Next, The Guest) to advance his own unique mash-up of dark fantasy, super powers, gruesome violence thrilling other weirdo.

Death Note 2017 720p starts with a quite simple premise: A death god, Ryuk (Willem Dafoe), has existed throughout time. His way of action sees him choosing an individual to hold the “Death Note”, a leather-wrapped journal. In it, his new associate is encouraged to write a name and a means of death. Whatever is written in the novel will shortly become a horrifying reality.

In modern Seattle, the Death Note (and Ryuk) shows up before Nat Wolff’s unpopular highschooler Light Turner. Convinced by Ryuk to test the book on a specific unpleasant individual, Turner (and soon his new  love interest, Margaret Qualley’s Mia Sutton) have to forcefully balance the dark nature of the book’s powers against the potential to bring some positive changes for the world.

DEATH NOTE 720p 2017 online movie

Part of what makes Death Note 720p something different from the rest is the speed at which at the simple set up turns into a witty, much more complex narrative. Shea Whigham portrays Light’s father, a police officer who is on investigation of the mysterious murders. While it takes some time to bring him into the story, Lakeith Stansfield soon emerges as the movie’s highlight, playing an extremely focused global detective named L (if you don’t his full name, it can’t be written in the book). The Atlanta and Short Term 12 star brings so much dynamic energy to the character that he helps cover an essential line about who it is that’s really the hero of the story.

While Lakeith Stanfield at the end stealing the show, Nat Wolff and Margaret Qualley provide incredible performances themselves, actually nailing the unlikability of both of their characters. After all, a huge part of Death Note 720p 2017 movie is about how we look at Light and Mia and their decisions with the book. Are they heroes by any definition? Are they really trying to be? What role we do have as a viewer in front of their actions? Are we actually cheering for these protagonists or do we just want to see more people die and listen to Willem Dafoe cackle in joy?

DEATH NOTE 720p 2017 – A Strange Yet Fun Ride
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