Deadpool Movie: The Top Five Scenes

It’s undeniable to say Deadpool is an only hit of Fox since they buy copyright of X-Men from Marvel with $130 million dollar steering toward last weekend. If you haven’t already seen Deadpool in all his glory, get in your car, go to the nearest theater and prepare to be amazed. If you have already seen the movie, go enjoy your best time with Deadpool right away.

Deadpool earned its R rating in spades offering blood, guts, nudity and everything in between. There’s no doubt that Mr. Wilson will be returning to a sequel soon. As if you wonder why bring back the die-hard Deadpool to the scene, let’s have a glimpse as the scene below.

Let’s watch the best here:

The Holidays

The romance between Wade Wilson and Vanessa was just as twisted as each of the characters themselves. Their chemistry was pretty electric with each character bouncing off terrible recollections of their broken pasts off one another in a humorous fashion. When the two get together after a riveting game of skeeball where Wade wins a Vultron ring, the following scenes show us their relationship as they “celebrate” each in their own unique way. The laughs came fast and furious as the pair celebrated Chinese New Year, Halloween, Lent, and many others of note. Each time they get down to business, they do so in a specific fashion worthy of the holiday itself. It’s one of the funniest scenes in the film and takes place before Wade even dons the red mask.


Monty Python Tribute

When Deadpool meets Colossus and Nega-Sonic Teenage Warhead on the highway, the X-Men pair attempts to convince Wade to join the X-Men and put his abilities to good use. Wilson loses sight on his primary target: Ajax. Blaming Colossus for that, Deadpool starts to hit him but it’s useless since Colossus is made by metal. Punches turn into broken wrists and roundhouses kicks turn into compound fractures.


Colossus handcuffs Deadpool and begins dragging him to the X-Jet. Peter states that he is taking Wade to see the Professor, Deadpool gets back humorously with “McAvoy or Stewart?”. In a slick escape, Wade cuts his own hand off and leaps off the bridge, leaving his disembodied hand giving Colossus the middle finger. This also leads to Wade’s amazing “baby hand”.

Deadpool Seeks Revenge

After Wade Wilson has escaped from Ajax’s grasp, he begins cutting through criminals who may lead him to Ajax. This also gives us a fantastic progression of Wade attempting to find the right costume to hide his new facial deformities. As he cuts through people, laying down quotes and quips along the way, one unfortunate victim of his path to revenge finds himself on an ice rink. Trailing close behind the crawling, injured criminal is Wade, steering a Zamboni toward him and cackling along the way.

deadpool revenge

Blind Al Shenanigans

The relationship between Deadpool and his roommate/hostage Blind Al was something of an amazing sight to behold. The two managed to be the ultimate odd couple, with Wade poking fun at Al and vice versa through the proceedings. I think what makes their relationship so special is that you still have no idea how in the world these two different characters manage to stand each other for as long as they have. Hopefully Al will be returning with Deadpool in future sequels.

deadpool and blind

We can’t wait for the Deadpool 2 movie so let’s enjoy this trailer during the time:

Deadpool Movie: The Top Five Scenes
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