Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser, Airing before Logan, Spoofs Superman and True Romance

Moviegoers were treated to a special teaser featuring Deadpool 2 movie when they went to see Logan as he spoofing Superman and the iconic 1993 movie True Romance. This is the very first teaser trailer being released for the upcoming sequel, and if the first impressions are anything to go by, then fans have plenty to look forward to.

Deadpool 2 movie

In the teaser, Wade Wilson witnesses an armed robbery as he walking down a run-down street. After vowing that this will not happen on his watch, he runs to a nearby phone booth to put on his Deadpool costume. That point is very much like an iconic score of John William’s Superman in 1978. Unfortunately, Deadpool 2 movie spends too much time putting on his uniform and by the time he’s ready he hears a gunshot and then finds the victim dead. The teaser ends to the tune of Hans Zimmer’s theme song for True Romance 1993 as Deadpool rests his head on the victim’s stomach. Then, the tagline Deadpool. Coming. Not Soon Enough appears on the screen.

Deadpool Is Still Not A Generic Hero

It’s deeply comforting to see Deadpool still completely missing the mark on that whole being a genuine hero thing. Not only does the teaser gleefully reassure fans that their beloved, irreverent anti-hero is kept the same in the sequel as he was in the first movie, but also going to make a leap to get even darker and funnier.

Deadpool 2 movie

Considering what a success the first movie was, and what an effort it was to get Deadpool made in the first place, it’d be easy to imagine that Deadpool 2 may be able to take more risks than the first movie. And I welcome that.

It Will Have Lots of Fun Parodying Superhero Sequels

Teaser of Deadpool 2 movie goes to great efforts to re-establish the familiar Deadpool’s sardonic sense of humor while also setting up the unfamiliar as Deadpool trying to save the day. Also, this teaser suggests that we might be seeing Deadpool making fun of superhero sequels in this sequel.

“I think Deadpool 2 movie will comment on anything that’s happening in movies today, especially in superhero movies”, producer Simon Kinberg said, “The sort of glut or saturation of these movies and the proliferation of sequels is definitely something we’ll play around with.”

Vanessa Could Be Coming Back & Copycat Could Be Happening in Deadpool 2 movie

At the end of the teaser, “You’re So Cool” starts playing. I could be stretching here, but there could be a connection between the two movies. Similar to Vanessa, Alabama Whitman is a call girl falling in love with a guy with an obsession for comic books who actually turns into a total badass. Moreover, Deadpool and Clarence both have endured some heavy violence and fought in order to save their love. Considering that the working title of Deadpool 2 is Love Machine, it could be an indication of the potential for Vanessa still being Wade’s love interest, but to also finally become Copycat and fight by his side.

The Superman Connection

Speaking of sequel parodies and Vanessa, there is high chance that Superman 2 becomes references for Deadpool 2 movie. I would love to see Wade trying to give up his “powers” in order to be with Vanessa, just as Clark Kent tried to for Lois Lane in that movie.

Logan, or Hugh Jackman, Could Still Cameo, Right?

Jackman has ruled out playing Wolverine again, and that even a basic Deadpool cameo feels off the cards at this point. Still, the positioning of this teaser trailer as a preview before Logan gives me hope that Jackman may appear with a small role in Deadpool 2 movie online.

Deadpool 2 movie logan cameo

All in all, whatever happens in Deadpool 2 full movie, I’m sure it’s going to be just as brilliant and profane as the first movie. Until it finally arrives in theaters, I’m just going to be casually sat over here waiting for it.

Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser, Airing before Logan, Spoofs Superman and True Romance
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