Cult of Chucky full movie is such The Fast Five of The Child’s Play Franchise

Years ago, Curse of Chucky full movie, a back-to-basics sequel, was the best movie of Child’s Play franchise since the first movie. That was especially true during a rather barren theatrical Halloween season in October 2013, when the only game in town was Sony’s Carrie remake.

Cult of Chucky full movie

Nowadays, with IT 2017 movie crushing in theaters and a few more scare flicks doing their thing in October, it might be best for Cult of Chucky full movie free online to be a big fish in a smaller pond. The movie is again written and directed by Don Mancini and distributed via Universal/Comcast Corp.

Cult of Chucky full movie free is being joked as essentially trying to be the Fast Five of the Child’s Play franchise, and just as Fast Five taking its franchise from being a low-tech fast stars/hijackers caper into a full-blown A-level action blow-out, The Cult of Chucky full movie does quite similar thing as radically altering the status quo. I have no intention of revealing what does or doesn’t happen by the time the credits roll, but rest assured Child’s Play 8 is going to be a very different affair.

This long-running franchise of Child’s Play uses its continuity to its advantage to lend it pathos and/or emotional oomph beyond the mere visceral onscreen tension and empathetic fear. While Cult of Chucky full movie has big plot twist that it was absolutely a sequel to all five prior Child’s Play movies, this movie opens with the full-on knowledge of the Chucky’s bloody legacy. The prologue itself, involving a key franchise character, contains a jolting surprise getting the movie off to a great start.

Once we get to the core narrative, things slow down for a bit. The rest of the movie takes place within the confines of a claustrophobic and rather gothic insane asylum. Its production design suggests a very low-budget Hammer Horror locale.

Cult of Chucky full movie

The story starts with Nica having been imprisoned since the events in Curse of Chucky movie online, and she’s at the point where she really believes that she is responsible for Chucky’s previous murder spree. We get character development for her doctor and the other patients. However, other than hints that Nica may be in-fact responsible for the violence, the movie jogs in place for much of its first half. Fortunately, the movie eventually kicks into gear. There is no major violence in the first half of the movie. You have to wait until the halfway point to see Chucky going on his killing spree.

Still, the first major death is a doozy, and the last act allows to plenty of onscreen carnage. The acting is mostly strong while we wait for Chucky and his body count to take center stage, and the idea of centering Charles’ latest killing spree in a mental hospital. This is where we really cut loose. Folks start dying, Chucky does his thing and some rather shocking onscreen events take place which offers up the possibility of a very different eighth film if Universal and friends gift us with such a thing.

Cult of Chucky full movie  is a low-budget, single-location slasher yarn that does its best to stretch its few dollars while spending much of the money on the “walking/talking killer doll” thing, but it’s a good fun for fans and it’s an example of using the safety of a brand to go off in unexpected directions.

We has been interesting to see Child’s Play evolve over the years. The franchise has used its sequel to approximate the genre trends of the day.

The Cult of Chucky full movie is either the Final Chapter or a New Beginning. Either way, this most tenacious of horror franchises can walk on with its head held high.

Cult of Chucky full movie is such The Fast Five of The Child’s Play Franchise
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