Captain America Civil War: 8 Reasons to be the BEST Marvel Movie

It has been a long time since Captain America Civil War came out on the big screen. The film widely caught positive attention from both fans and critics. Holding the title “Certified Fresh” with a point of 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film remains beloved by a vast majority of fans.

Unfortunately, with the number of movies releasing by Marvel each year, people are debating about which is the best. Now that the audiences have had watched Captain America Civil War and truly appreciate its great values, there is no deny that the film is in the leading position. And here are 8 reasons explaining its success:


The film was surprisingly able to meet and fulfill all the expectations from fans. The trailer of  Captain America Civil War broke the record for the most viewed trailer of all-time and attracted millions of people. For Marvel junkies, a fun, action-packed movie would have been totally fine but the film hit them with full of unexpected features. Its refined tone and professionalism added a whole new layer to the film, not to mention the constant twists and turn in the whole run time made every second of the film count.


Base on the name of the film, nearly the whole audiences were on Team Cap. Steve Rogers would no doubt be the hero and likewise, the cruel villain role belongs to Tony Stark. Or is it? There was no clear winner in Captain America Civil War. The audience was torn between Tony Stark’s pure emotions and Steve Rogers’s faith.

This rises chattering amongst fans. Walking out the theater, audience felt much more for Iron Man, even more than in the comic’s event. The film successfully painted a realistic grey area within its theme, proving that neither of them is absolutely right or wrong. As a result, it created debates amongst fans. Nevertheless, this uncertainty proved that the film was a phenomenal master piece that distinguished it from the good vs. evil cliché constantly appears in superhero movies.


The best thing about the central conflict in “Civil War” is that it does not follow the concept of man vs. machine (as seen in Avengers Age of Ultron ) or monster v. monster (as seen in “The Incredible Hulk) but rather portraits a battle between two great hero as the comics premised. Although “Batman vs Superman” has done the same thing months before the release of “Civil War”, the film actually established itself as a great fight between moral conflicts at its center.


Besides “Guardians of the Galaxy”, some other Marvel movies are indeed great at successfully conveying the emotional message. Each new Marvel movie is insanely fun and brings truly heartfelt moments. Captain America Civil War does not follow such concept though. The film is mostly based around the family. Bucky is almost considered Steve Rogers’ brother whereas Tony Stark spent all of his time thinking about his parents’ death. It all began to change when Tony found out that Bucky was the murderer. He then unleashed all the mixed emotions, realizing that his parents were entirely helpless. The emotional rollercoaster raced through Tony’s mind and show the sorrowful path dividing the Avengers at the end of “Civil War”.

Captain America Civil War


Captain America Civil War is the climax of individual character development comparing to other Marvel movies. Cap instead of the ideologically-driven guy he was in World War II has changed into someone who is affected by the lies of S.H.I.E.L.D. from the events of  Captain America The Winter Soldier. Similarly, Stark is haunted by the PTSD experiencing in Iron Man 3 and the fall of Sokovia in Avengers Age of Ultron  The two shared a lot in common and continue down their paths towards the Marvel’s future.


The new characters in Captain America Civil War completely stand out as mentioned in the “Character Chemistry” entry. Few characters were able to stand out in each new Marvel movies like T’Challa and Peter Parker. Even though standalone movies are expected for both characters, the two were so much more fit into the storyline and used for the thematic effect than other new characters in other Marvel films.

black panther


Seeing Marvel heroes facing off one another is surprising and brings pure fun. Spider Man with his humor and the sternness of Tony Stark, Hawkeye’s grounded warfare and the super powers of Vision and Scarlet Witch made a phenomenal contrast. Together with others from The Winter Soldier, Black Widow, War Machine to Giant-Man, the action sequence in the film was made completely essential both in terms of story and spectacle.


Many fans kept in mind that the ending would be the most essential part of  Captain America Civil War when going in the theater. Thousands of audiences were eager to see which character would lose and how it would affect “Avengers Infinity War” as well as other future Marvel projects. Fortunately, no one falls, but the film also showed that there were lasting consequences in an unexpected way.

Let’s check the trailer of Avengers Infinity War 

Captain America Civil War: 8 Reasons to be the BEST Marvel Movie
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