What is a Blade Runner? And Other Questions You May Have Before Seeing the Sequel Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 has been called “the most spectacular blockbuster of our time” that every moviegoer is waiting to see. Still, not all of us have time to check out the original film ahead of the long-awaited sequel. For newbies, it’s most probably advisable to see the Ridley Scott-directed predecessor prior to seeing the new one.

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For those who have watched the original Blade Runner years ago and can only remember the neon-soaked visuals and occasional origami, we’ve assembled a note of Blade Runner 2049 which should hopefully jog your memory in advance of the sequel’s release.

Who is Deckard?

Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is a former LAPD detective living in the nightmarish Los Angeles of 2019. He is called out of retirement to execute four illegal androids known as Replicants. Deckard has a combative relationship with his superiors and it is implied that he has no choice but to follow their demands.

What actually is a Blade Runner?

As being defined in the movie’s opening text crawl, a Blade Runner is the name given to detectives working within the special police squad dealing with “retiring” Replicants.

We’re done with definition, now, we comes to why they are calling Blade Runner. The reason is due to Ridley Scott just thinking t it sounded cool, such a lot less fanciful explanation than you might imagine. While developing the script with co-screenwriter Hampton Fancher, Scott argued that the title “detective” would be slightly underwhelming when it comes to the specifics of Deckard’s job and asked Fancher for a couple of different alternatives. Then, Fancher get back to Scott with Blade Runner. The tittle turns out to be quite suit for the movie.

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What are Replicants?

They are cyborg resulted of an experiment done by the sinister doctor Eldon Tyrell (Joe Turkel) in the early of 21st century. The “Nexus 6” models appeals to be unable to distinguish from human, but they are superior in terms of strength and agility. They were subsequently used as slave labor on other planets until they launched a bloody mutiny. That incident led Replicants to be declared illegal on Earth and the formation of the Blade Runner units.

In the movie, Deckard is recruited when four Replicants are able to hijack a shuttle to Earth in an attempt to find a way to extend their lifespan as they being developed to only exist for four years.

What is the Voight-Kampff test?

Replicants can only be identified by a Voight-Kampff test, and it is a series of seemingly random questions that measure the degrees of empathy expressed when answering carefully worded queries. The test shares the mechanic of lie detecting test measuring contractions of the iris, along with respiration and heart rate.

Who is Rachael?

The movie’s female lead is Rachael (Sean Young), an advanced Replicant created by Tyrell who initially has no idea that she isn’t human. More advanced than Nexus 6 models, it takes Deckard over a hundred questions to identify Rachael as a Replicant. The reason for Rachel not knowing herself as a Replicant is due to Tyrell inputting his niece memories to her in order to easily control her. Rachel is Deckard’s love despite of his task to kill her.

Who is Gaff?

Gaff (Edward James Olmos) is a fellow Blade Runner who has a mysterious dislike for Deckard and speaks in a unique language dubbed “Cityspeak” – a mishmash of Japanese, Spanish and German created for Gaff himself.

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Is Deckard a Replicant?

That question has bothered Blade Runner fans for decades. Still, in Ridley Scott’s “Final Cut”, it deemed the definitive edit of the movie, Deckard experiences a daydream of a unicorn galloping through a forest. At the very end of the movie, Gaff leaves for him an origami figure of a unicorn indicating that he is aware of the memories that have been “implanted” into Deckard’s brain.

As it stands, both Ford and Scott have different takes on Deckard’s identity. Ford has said that he believes Deckard to be human, while Scott has claimed he always intended him to be a Replicant.

Whether Blade Runner 2049 grants us confirmation either way remains to be seen, but seeing a visibly-aged Harrison Ford playing Deckard in Blade Runner 2049 movie indicates that he either isn’t a Replicant, or that advanced Nexus Replicants can age and outlive their Nexus 6 counterparts.

What is a Blade Runner? And Other Questions You May Have Before Seeing the Sequel Blade Runner 2049
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