A few years back when it was confirmed that there would be a sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1982 neo-noir classic Blade Runner, fans were thrilling with both joy and fear.

blade runner 2049 online

So beloved was the first film to its fans, and with thirty years having passed since its release many felt that a sequel would regurgitate the visual uniqueness of the original movie and transpose upon it a shallow and boisterous action movie.

While the stunning visual seen in the original film cannot be denied what also made the first Blade Runner stand out for fans were the themes of the film of identity and humanity, the very themes fans felt would be left out in a post-millennial following entry. Still, as reported by other sources such as Collider, Screen Junkies, and IGN, it appears that fans cannot only be pleased with the sequel, they can relish in it, with many assuring the film to be a modern classic, a true masterpiece.

It was said that director Denis Villeneuve has not only revisited the world brought in the original, he has stretched it both visually and thematically. While Jared Leto’s performance looks like a hit-or-miss, it appears that many reviewers are praising continuously the performances on show in the film, especially those of Dave Bautista, Sylvia Hoeks, and Harrison Ford, with the latter were claimed to have been giving one of the best performances of his career. Even Ryan Gosling’s acting is reported to have perfectly succeeded, acting as the eyes of the viewers within the world director Villeneuve has built. The most credit, however, appears to belong to Cinematographer Roger Deakins. So striking are his visuals that audiences are praising Deakins to be the leading contender at next years academy awards for best cinematography.

With a running time of 2 hours and 44 minutes, Blade Runner 2049 was said to have covered a lot of ground, both revisiting elements of its previous entry while expanding upon them. Questions are answered, and new questions are asked in with amazing depth that will fuel debates for another 35 years in what many are calling the ‘perfect sequel’.

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  • philo menad hilton

    It’s 2 hours to establish that K is a replicant. Why would replicants eat human food in a world of overpopulation and starvation? K eating is just another unicorn, and that is only for muddy things the other way. I would suggest you to watch the original then continue with the very end of BR2049. That’s easier for you to follow the story.

  • philo menad hilton

    It isn’t bad. Actually, it’s quite nice. But I just not really enjoy it.

  • kathleen pavlik

    BR2049 is a worthy heir to its original. BR has proven to be one of the most influenced and argued movies over past 35 years. It‘s too early to say if BR2049 leaves any legacy like its original, but it’s one of the best movie of decade, and I place bet on the movie somehow leaving a mark in cinema history like its original.

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