While we adore Marvel’s latest action flick, Black Panther, that doesn’t mean we still don’t have some hot questions about what happened in it.

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Here are the eight biggest WTF questions we had after watching T’Challa’s long-awaited solo film, starting with …

Is T’Challa the Last of the Black Panthers Now?

Killmonger had the Heart-Shaped Herb destroyed. So does that equal that Black Panther line of succession concludes with T’Challa? That no one else can ever gain those super-powers again without the elixir made from from the herb? While anyone can wear a Vibranium outfit, not everyone can gain the powers of the Black Panther without said special herb.

Could Killmonger Return? While Killmonger clearly died at the end of the film, he has died and been resurrected by his followers before in the comics. While that would appear hard to happen in the MCU and would no doubt undercut the emotional and thematic weight of his death in Black Panther movie, there is at least a comic book precedent for Killmonger to return should the moviemakers ever wanted to bring him back.

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What’s Next for Wakanda?

While King T’Challa and Wakanda might earn some good critics thanks to sharing their technology and wealth to the world, wouldn’t there also be a major public relations blowback for their years of isolationism after so many wars, famines, and atrocities? Wouldn’t some in the international community seek to penalize them now for their indifference to their neighbors’ suffering?

T’Challa is very noble to finally open Wakanda up to the world. However, just as Tony Stark’s “I am Iron Man” declaration led to unexpected and dramatic consequences for him in following sequels, it would appear inevitable that there will be blowback of some sort for T’Challa and his country in future installments. The road to hell is paved with good intentions after all …

Black Panther‘s Home Wakanda in the Marvel Comics

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Why Didn’t Killmonger Just Kill Klaue to Begin With?

So Killmonger only worked with Klaue in order to use his dead body as his ticket to get into Wakanda? Why bother arrive at that museum and go through all that stealing and shooting? Just eliminate Klaue to commence with and take him right to Wakanda.

Or why let Klaue sneak into South Korea, get caught and then go through the hassle of breaking him out of a CIA safehouse? Looks like Killmonger could have saved himself a lot of hassle if he’d just eliminated Klaue in the beginning.

How Did Wakanda Hide All That Wealth?

Turns out Wakanda (and T’Challa) is hugely wealthy! How much money wasting and financial shenanigans did they have to do to hide all that money? Any banking or financial transaction creates a trail. So they’ve never traded with any nation before? Vibranium is the source of all their wealth … but where and how are they getting all that money from if they don’t trade/sell their most valuable resource to anyone in the outside world?

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Other countries had believed Wakanda to be a more impoverished, simpler nation than they were. Revealing they’ve actually been hugely wealthy for a very long time would surely make investigators around the world very interested in what else and how much they’ve been hiding.

It would also explain why the UN is going to ask Wakanda to put much more money in the kitty than they perhaps had been paying up until T’Challa’s speech there.

Black Panther – “Warriors of Wakanda” Featurette

M’Baku and the Jabari tribe claim they don’t eat meat but they live on a frozen mountaintop. So in what way do they grow food to eat? And if they don’t kill the apes to eat them … how did they get all that white/grey fur? Do they just wait for the baboons to die and then collect their fur? Do they gather them up and sheer them like sheep? Or is it actually synthetic fur?

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What Can’t Vibranium Do?

How exactly does vibranium cure Ross’s gunshot wound? Shuri credited the cosmic metal and Wakandan tech for healing Ross’s wound so rapidly and completely. But … Vibranium is a metal. How does one metal help nullify another metal that’s been shot into someone’s body?

We are already aware that Vibranium is the strongest yet highly resourceful metal that comes from space (a meteorite hits Wakanda eons ago so that’s why they have the motherload). It’s been used to build Captain America’s shield and is in Black Panther’s suit. The special metal’s radiation also affected the nation’s plant life, which resulted in the powers of the Heart-Shaped Herb. And, as seen in Black Panther film, Vibranium can also absorb kinetic energy.

Why Black Panther Might Have the Last Infinity Stone

So given its cosmic origins and all the amazing things it can already bring about, could Wakandan Vibranium — or the meteorite that landed in the nation — be the key to the last Infinity Stone sought by Thanos? It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve floated that theory …

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What’s the Deal With “White Wolf”?

The post-credits sequence found T’Challa’s genius, tech-savvy little sister Shuri had somehow treated Bucky Barnes’s wounds of his Winter Soldier fashions. But his future in the MCU became even more curious after he was referred to as “white wolf” by some Wakandan kids.

In the Black Panther comics, there exists a Caucasian character known as White Wolf who made it through a plane crash in Wakanda as a child and was subsequently adopted by T’Challa’s father, King T’Chaka. He grew up to be Hunter, aka White Wolf, who served as the head of Wakanda’s secret police, the Hatut Zeraze (the inspiration for the film’s “War Dogs”). Hunter/White Wolf became T’Challa’s adoptive brother and had complicated feelings toward his brother.

Could this “white wolf” reference mean Bucky will become a variation of the Hunter character? If it is true then this would give Bucky a new home now that he’s no longer a brainwashed assassin wanted nationwide for his crimes. Serving Wakanda in such a capacity would not only help redeem Bucky’s ugly past, it would also bring about a compelling new relationship between him and T’Challa (who, you’ll remember, started as adversaries in Civil War).

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