Black Panther full movie: Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Next Grand Adventure

Black Panther full movie: 6 Interesting Spots From Our Newest Look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Next Grand Adventure

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As the MCU chips away at its long-gestating Phase Three, the world of crime-fighting superheroes is slowly dwindling — to bring those heroes together for whatever chaos will unspool in the last two Avengers films — but it’s still more crowded than ever, thanks to films like Captain Marvel and Black Panther, which introduce major new heroes and their own individual stories.

Soon to come, the Ryan Coogler-directed Black Panther, which brings back Chadwick Boseman as King T’Challa/Black Panther, who we first encountered in Captain America Civil War, now facing his own homegrown threats. Coogler, a Sundance breakout with “Fruitvale” who earned Sylvester Stallone an Oscar nomination with “Creed,” appears to have advanced to the Marvel major leagues with ease.

The movie picks up post- Civil War and finds the prince coming back to his home, the isolationist (and totally fictional) African nation Wakanda, where a number of threats are conspiring to sabotage his ruling power. One of those threats: Michael B. Jordan, cast in the film as a Wakandan exile known as Erik Killmonger (subtle), who dreams of bringing down T’Challa and ruling the country himself.

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He’ll have some help, though, including Andy Serkis as a black market arms dealer…and maybe a few more familiar faces. In order to keep himself and his nation safe, T’Challa decides to work with C.I.A. agent Everett K. Ross (played by Martin Freeman) and members of Wakanda’s very own all-female special forces Dora Milaje (comprising of Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira).

The movie’s newest trailer unveils most of that, with a special emphasis on Wakanda’s amazing advanced technology, T’Challa’s personal and political struggles, and some key hints as to the battle ahead. As with any piece of marketing (especially marketing from Marvel), there are still some big questions and possible misdirects, but we’ve narrowed down some key aspects of the movie showcased here. It should be more than enough to tide you over until the film’s February release.

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The Scope of Wakandan Ingenuity

Part of what makes Wakanda so special — and so purposely isolated — is its history with the fictional Marvel metal vibranium (the stuff Captain America’s shield is made from). According Marvel mythos, Wakanda is home to a huge meteorite crash, a meteorite that just so happens to be made up of vibranium only. In order to protects its precious resource, Wakanda has long hidden itself and its people — literally so — via a number of technological marvels, including some sort of massive bubble that obscures it from the outside world.

That ingenuity extends beyond the nation’s borders, however, as this new trailer also showcases more mobile technological advances, like the ship that carries T’Challa and his guards back into what seems to be the nation’s biggest city.

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Killmonger’s Righteous Anger

As the exiled Killmonger, star Jordan isn’t just taking on a random baddie role; instead, his character is an antihero who truly believes that he’s on the right side of history. Fearsome as he might seem in this trailer, his own lines suggest his desire to not just destroy the world (and Wakanda) in its current state, but to build it back up from scratch. At Comic-Con this year, Jordan further explained to IGN:  “What I can say is that he definitely wants the throne. He’s very strategic, thoughtful. He’s very patient. Very well skilled, trained to a T. He works very hard, and he feels what he’s doing is right.” That’s a different kind of enemy.

The Power of the Dora Milaje

Wakanda’s all-female special forces unit is everywhere in this new trailer, including scenes of both Nyong’o and Gurira guarding T’Challa, from benign exercises like “flying in his super-jet” and “standing around looking tough” to real hand-to-hand combat. It’s well-known that T’Challa will use the Dora Milaje extensively during his fight with Killmonger, but this new Black Panther trailer also hints at their history and importance beyond the battlefield.

Wakanda Under Attack

The picture’s official synopsis suggests the global reach of the events that play out in Black Panther, stating that T’Challa must fight “to prevent Wakanda from being dragged into a world war.” While that sounds horrifying enough — and given that the movie will be followed by Avengers Infinity War, likely a somewhat fruitless mission — this new look at Coogler’s latest shows off tons of battles that seem to take place within Wakanda proper. A world war might be imminent, but Black Panther looks to be partially beholden to chronicling its own unique civil war, one bolstered by old grudges and new technology.

The Beauty of T’Challa’s Homeland

While Wakanda is mostly known for its advanced technology, ingenuity, and all that damn vibranium, Coogler was compelled to make sure that the mythical homeland of T’Challa and his subjects felt like more than just one cool super-city. He wanted Wakanda to feel truly like its own nation, a fully realized one that encompasses different aspects of life and scores of cultures.

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The filmmaker told Entertainment Weekly earlier this year:  “A lot of the writers who did some of the most interesting work around the character, they treated Wakanda like a truly African country. When you go to African nations, you’ll find many tribes, who speak their own languages, have their own culture, and have unique food and way of dress.

They live amongst each other, and together they make the identity of those countries. That’s something we tried to capture. We wanted it to feel like a country, as opposed to just one city or town.”

Brutal Car Chases

Although most of this new look at Black Panther centers on events taking place in Wakanda, some shots show off what seem to be multiple car chases happening far away from the majesty of T’Challa’s home nation. Coogler remarkably made his transition to action moviemaking with his lauded “Creed,” which featured a show-stopping one-take fight scene that was as brutal as it was impressive, and while car chases are a 100% different stripe of moviemaking, these new looks do hint at Coogler’s strong and fast evolution as an action-centric creator. Plus, at a certain point, T’Challa tears down a wheel off a car still in motion.

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Black Panther full movie hits in theaters worldwide February 16, 2017.

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Black Panther full movie: Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Next Grand Adventure
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