The Birthday of Professor Quirinus Quirrell

Happy Birthday Professor Quirinus Quirrell!

September 26 marks the birthday of Harry Potter’s very first professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, sir Quirinus Quirrell. To celebrate his happiest day, let’s take a look at some of the surprising things we noticed upon our celebratory 20th Anniversary re-read of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, including some brilliant aspects of this amazing character that the creator, J.K. Rowling, has provided since she first brought us the first book.

As we all know, Quirrell, who’s portrayed in the movie series by none other than English actor Ian Hart, engages in the story after having left his previous position at Hogwarts Institution as Professor of Muggle Studies and went abroad in the search of Voldemort. Why asked Quirrell to teach Muggle Studies in the first place? What made him suited for the position? Wouldn’t someone else, Arthur Weasley for instance, who had a heart for Muggles and had always been fascinated by the Muggle world, have been a better choice? He probably only regarded the appointment as just a stepping stone for him; a way to discover his true interests in dark magic. Quirrell was only 20 years old back when he returned to Hogwarts carrying He Who Must Not Be Named on the back of his head. He was just an adolescent during that very first assignment and clearly an ambivalent and sentimental one.

Interestingly we’re informed that Quirinus Quirrell was actually a Ravenclaw, though he definitely acted as a member of Slytherin during the course of Sorcerer’s Stone. Was Quirrell ever noticed as a Death Eater? Fans know that most of the Dark Lord’s followers were Slytherin. Was this the reason why Voldemort recruited his host so parasitically in contrary to adding Quirrell to his monstrous henchmen?

Aside from the utter comparison of this young and nervous wizard to a trembling squirrel, through Rowling, which other character from the Harry Potter franchise does this portrayal hint at? Who else was talented, but apparently “delicate” as a boy? Who else was lingeringly bullied at school to the point that he felt so amusing? Although they appeared to have gone parallel paths early in life, what are the intrinsic distinction between Quirrell and Professor Snape? Though it seems possible that they both went for dark magic as a defense mechanism, Quirrell’s fundamental motivation seemed to turn out to be fear, while Snape’s had definitely always been love. Probably this is ultimately the reason why Snape’s death, though torturous, didn’t bring about total destruction as was Quirrell’s demise. His grumbling reaction to Harry’s touch during their battle for the control of Sorcerer’s Stone appeared to be the series’ original physical representation of good versus evil.

It’s possibly that Dumbledore had Quirrell teach at Hogwarts immediately after graduation so the headmaster must have trusted him to be the best wizard for the job. Was the most powerful wizard of his time tricked by Quirrell or did Dumbledore have his back and position the Mirror of Erised in the Sorcerer’s Stone chamber to grant Quirrell the opportunity to redeem himself? Also, Rowling has informed us that Quirrell had basically turned into a temporary Horcrux while Voldemort drained his life energy. What do you think about the odds in the evil plan of the whole epic? Celebrating Professor’s Quirrell’s birthday, we take the chance to thoroughly speculate these questions, and maybe even answer some. Comment down below to let us know your thoughts!

The Birthday of Professor Quirinus Quirrell
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