Avengers Infinity War trailer is different from the early footage at SDCC, and is much better

Wakanda is home to Black Panther, one of Marvel’s newer heroes in the Cinematic Universe. We’ve seen glimpses of the futuristic nation and the impressive technology its citizens rely on in earlier Black Panther trailers, gotten a sense of how stunning and ample the nation is, and we’ve been told about its importance. Captain America Civil War introduced the notion that Wakanda would play a major role in uniting heroes and protecting the world from an impending attack.

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The Infinity War trailer turns Wakanda into a crucial plot point, introducing characters like Hulk and Scarlet Witch to the world, together with Captain America and Winter Soldier, who first ventured to the planet at the end of Civil War. The minor component of the Avengers’ main gang can be found fighting alongside Black Panther and other Wakandan folks as they defend their nation from an assault by an alien species called Outriders and Thanos himself.

It’s probably the most intriguing part of the trailer and, for those who showed up at either D23 or San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), also marks the newest footage.

It makes obvious sense that Marvel would use Wakanda and Black Panther to introduce us to Avengers Infinity War — and explains why the company waited this long to release its first trailer. Different from earlier footage from D23 and SDCC, which centered heavily on the Guardians of the Galaxy’s first interaction with Thor, who was floating dead-like through space, the Guardians don’t show up in this trailer until the very end.

Timing is everything. When the first Avengers Infinity War footage debuted, it was ahead of Thor: Ragnarok’s release and following Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It made sense to use Thor and the Guardians to hype up the movie, including compilations of earlier Marvel movies throughout the year, like Iron Man or Captain America Winter Soldier. Marvel relied on the anticipation of Thor Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s success to excite fans, and footage of older movies set to classic Marvel scores as a way to drive home how this movie is an event in itself.

The Avengers Infinity War trailer we all watched today is designed to explain what’s about to happen, teasing it out with additional background. The footage shown at SDCC and D23 is meant to please a crowd running on little sleep and jittery with anticipation for seeing their favorite hero on the big screen. The two couldn’t be more different.

That’s the reason why we had to wait months for this very trailer. They couldn’t show Thor without his eyepatch or a clip of Loki holding the Tesseract in his hand until Thor Ragnarok had been released. Wakanda and Black Panther’s role in the impending battle, too couldn’t be teased out without more scenes of Black Panther (they showed a new trailer and extended footage at SDCC) and additional context of what’s going on.

Marvel executives have been saying this for months. Marvel Studios’ co-president, Louis D’Eposito, tweeted in October that the trailer was being finished, alluding to them needing extra time and footage to put the trailer together. Kevin Feige, the face of Marvel Studios and co-president, remarked multiple times that the trailer we saw today would be different from the SDCC footage and it was worth the wait.

We live in a culture that demands trailers restlessly, bemoaning those who have the ability to release new footage almost every week. It’s not possible, but based on the trailer we saw today, it’s usually worth the wait.

Avengers Infinity War will be released on May 4, 2018.

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Avengers Infinity War trailer is different from the early footage at SDCC, and is much better
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