First Look At Avengers Infinity War Trailer: 11 Major Plot Unfolds (Part 1)

“Get this man a shield.” It’s finally here! After debuting at D-23 Expo and San Diego Comic-Con months ago, the world-at-large can at last feast their eyes on the first trailer for next year’s Avengers Infinity War.

The beginning of the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it, Avengers Infinity War will bring together plot threads over six-years in the making and assemble not only the Avengers, but dozens and dozens of Marvel characters.

As you might expect from a tease of the biggest movie of 2018, it’s all incredibly exciting. Almost all of our heroes have their shining moment – notable absentees find Hawkeye and, as far as we can tell, Ant-Man (unless he’s just really small) – from Peter Parker’s Spidey-sense to him in his new costume, Iron Man duking it out with Thanos, and definitely the real talking point: the return of Steve Rogers with his wonderfully majestic beard.

It’s a hell of a trailer, managing to actually establish the massive scale of this conflict and the tone of the movie, and one that – while not too spoilery – does give away more than you might expect from a Marvel trailer concerning plot, and these are the biggest reveals.

11. Super Science Bros!

Back when Doctor Strange came out, there were immediately a number of comparisons not only between that film and Iron Man, but the titular characters themselves. They’re both rich, arrogant, genius a-holes with serious powers and questionable facial hair, and now they’re going to work together in Infinity War.

More to the fun is that we’re getting a Science Bros reunion, since Bruce Banner is along for the ride too, as well as is Benedict Wong’s Wong, which makes this the most brilliant assembly of heroes we’ve seen yet.

Tony Stark and Stephen Strange are both based in New York, so it makes sense that they’d be brought together, while from the trailer we can surmise that Strange and Wong are the ones to find Banner after he crash lands back on Earth. That will come after whatever happens with Thanos, with the post-credits scene of Thor Ragnarok setting up a showdown between the Mad Titan and the ship fleeing Asgard.

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We know that Thor ends up floating through space thanks to the Comic-Con trailer, and now we’ve learned Bruce makes it back to Earth, and likely has some first-hand experience of the coming threat. The team-up, with Iron Man and Strange in particular, also suggests an MCU version of another comic team. Illuminati confirmed?

10. Thor Brings The Guardians To Earth

The trailer shown earlier in the year has a few scenes that aren’t in this version, including one of Thor floating through space and being found by the Guardians of the Galaxy. Instead of that, we get to see what comes next, with Thor waking up to find the collection of oddballs staring at him – and even after his time on Sakaar, finding the likes of Teenage Groot and Rocket Raccoon staring at him is going to be a bit weird.

After questioning who they are, we can assume they both catch each other up and discover they have some very pertinent shared knowledge: that Thanos is heading to Earth and attempting to complete the Infinity Gauntlet.

The Guardians, and more specifically Gamora, Nebula, and Drax, have in-depth knowledge of the Mad Titan, while Thor has been researching the Stones for some time, so it’s a team-up that should be crucial to the wider events of the movie and for any chance of stopping Thanos. We can expect Thor to bring them to the other Avengers, probably taking them to Tony Stark, and from there outlining the danger to the rest and formulating a plan to stop it.

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9. Loki Gives Thanos The Tesseract

Oh Loki. Just when you thought he was really on the side of good, there he goes handing over the Tesseract to his ol’ buddy Thanos.

The first, and easiest, reading of this is that the God of Mischief is up to his old tricks and has gone back to the side of evil, siding with the Mad Titan and helping him in his quest to collect all the Stones – and really, it wouldn’t be beyond the character to do that.

But there’s also the chance, and it’s more interesting from a character point-of-view, that he still wants to do the right thing but, seeing all the carnage around him (notice multiple bodies in the same scene) he’s been left with no other choice than handing over the Tesseract after failing to stop Thanos at this point. In fact, this could even be his very last stand; a frivolous attempt at using the Tesseract against Thanos.

And if Loki were to ever die, this could be a powerful moment to do it.

8. Cap Has Gone To Wakanda

“Get this man a shield.”

And with that line, Steve Rogers rises from the darkness and gives us perhaps the best moment of the entire Infinity War trailer.

At the end of Civil War we witnessed Steve putting down his shield and leaving behind the Captain America persona, going underground alongside Black Widow, Ant Man, and Falcon. And while they’ve been operating that way for a while, we now know where they ultimately go to: Wakanda.

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That makes sense, since Black Panther is clearly someone Steve can trust, no to mention that his best mate Bucky is there too. So we are going to either see Bucky broken out in Black Panther itself, or it’ll take place when Steve gets to Wakanda, and then he’ll lead the resistance to Thanos on that front. It’s an interesting mix of characters we get here too: the appearance is in keeping with his move towards Nomad, and yet despite that he’s still very much the figure of leadership and inspiration that Cap was – just look at the hope on Scarlet Witch’s face when he emerges for proof of that.

7. Hulkbuster Mark 2 And The Iron Spider

There are a couple of familiar-looking (and yet slightly) newish superhero suits to get excited about in the trailer, not least of which is the return of the Hulkbuster.

It looks like an upgrade on the variation we saw in Age of Ultron, and is presumably used for taking on the alien creatures sent forth by Thanos en masse, although it could also be used by Stark to help give him some added protection while fighting the Mad Titan himself (and if that does happen, the truly thankfully doesn’t spoil it).

Then there’s Spider Man’s new suit, which is the one he rejected at the end of Homecoming. It moves him closer to the Iron Spider version, and definitely has a few new tricks up its sleeve – as we can see by those eyes. Peter himself, meanwhile, has is Spidey-sense in full-flow (he might’ve had it before, but this is the clearest example of it so far in the MCU).

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6. Thanos’ Invasion Of Earth

It wasn’t exactly a secret, since he had to come to Earth eventually (and it’s the plot of the movie), but the trailer does give us a good look at Thanos’ invasion of Earth. For starters there’s a glimpse of what appears to be his spaceship – though it could also be something he uses as a portal for travelling around – at the same time as Peter’s Spidey-sense tingles.

Later we find Thanos himself show up through a portal, lending some credence to that notion of how he gets around Earth, and then there are some greater scenes of his whole Black Order, which will be keeping the superheroes busy and seeking around the Infinity Stones.

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First Look At Avengers Infinity War Trailer: 11 Major Plot Unfolds (Part 1)
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