Avatar Movie Online – A “Spiritual” Experience

Lying beneath in the stunning imagery and hidden away among the idea of evolutionary, a pantheistic message of Avatar movie 2009 is the reminder of humanity’s need of God. Avatar movie online has already become one of the most popular movie of all time capturing a Golden Globe Award for Best Movie.

avatar movie 2009

Avatar movie online is special effects are startling. With a budget of $300 million, James Cameron made it every sci-fi thing lively. He has taken movie realism to a whole new level in filmmaking. We saw a world of exotic six-limbed animals, glowing plants and floating mountains looked completely real. We were frankly in awe of the technology that could produce a movie like this. Still, like any technology that stems from man’s intellect, it can be used to promote either biblical beliefs or unbiblical ideas. For all its impressive special effects, this movie promotes some wrong messages and a generally unbiblical worldview.

Avatar Movie Online – Story

Avatar tells a story of researchers employed by a large, greedy corporation who are escorted by mercenary soldiers to a world called Pandora, inhabitant of blue people known as Na’vi. To obtain a valuable mineral, the group enters an idyllic, forest-filled land to take what is not theirs. A paradise of Pandora are about to be lost as a reminiscent of the Garden of Eden of the Old Testament. An allusion to the New Testament occurs when an outsider helps rescuing the Na’vi as he taking on their form.

avatar movie 2009

Also, the pantheistic religion and clothing of the Na’vi also give hints to the American Indian. That makes the movie, in some ways, partly resemble the movie Dances with Wolf. Cameron acknowledges Dances with Wolves with dialogue such as “What am I supposed to do? Dance with it?” when the alien animal challenged the movie protagonist.

Avatar Movie Online – A Great Spiritual Need

The movie also presents a “spiritual” experience in its pantheism, hyper-environmentalism and the worldview of evolution.

In the past few years, via movies and TV shows, we have seen more of an interest among people in things spiritual. However, because the “heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked” (Jeremiah 17:9), humans will suppress the truth of the true God crying out within them and go after gods of their own making.

The general shift in recent moviemaking reflects this great need of humans, a need for a relationship with the Creator. Still, the emphasis is to go after other gods to look for all sorts of avenues that will give them some sort of “spiritual” experience rather than accept the truth that God has revealed to us in the Bible.

avatar movie 2009

Avatar Movie Online – Misplaced Worship

Avatar is fictional, but such movies are based on concepts that writers and producers believe and reflect their agendas to affect the moviegoers’ thinking. In Avatar, the comments about the Na’vi humanoids being “blue monkeys” and “savages” are evolutionary references. Also, there are references that appear to promote extreme environmentalism. For instance, the worldview promoted in Avatar is pantheism as a worship of the creation or their god lives in the plants and animals.

In Avatar Movie Online, there is an interesting note that the particularly one tree called the “Tree of Souls” are considered to be a link to their “mother.” Towards the end of the film, the hero prays to the Na’vi god through this tree and declares that humans had not been good stewards of their planet Earth stating “There’s no green there”, and the hyper-environmental message continues with “They killed their mother, and they’re going to do the same here!”.

Avatar Movie Online – A “Spiritual” Experience
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