Avatar Movie (2009) – An absolute breath-taking movie to existence

Avatar is, up to the moment, the most astonishing and breath- taking film around. Avatar Movie (2009) is astounding in 3 key aspects:

  1. The animation is hands down realistic, the culture of the Navi is vividly diverse and the actors are hilarious and full of skills as well as hidden talents.
  2. The moral of the story are two extremely crucial things that our society desperately needs to work on.
  3. The director is argued to be one of the most amazing producers in the history of movies of all sorts.

When I was sitting in the theater seeing this film in 3D, my breath was taken away by the serene forests, with all its exotic glowing plants and glorious flowers. It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that I could watch these “jungle scenes” all day if I had the time. The native Navis make me think of the Native Americans, with their unique language and customs. I found myself feel absolutely emotional by these people as they looked like I had known them for such a long time. The actors’ performance was so phenomenal that I found that I was sobbing to the sad parts and laughing in tears at the hilarious remarks. The speech that “Jakesully” or we can also refer to as “Sam Worthington” gives close to the end of the film gave me pure goose bumps and shivers due to how determined and pure it was.

avatar movie 2009

Our society has been dramatically affected by wars and battles. War is one of the on-going issues facing our society today. In Avatar movie 2009, the native Navi people represent the “righteous side” and the people from outside are the “evil side”. Much similar to our real world, war is usually divided between a good side and a bad side. Avatar movie really focuses on what harm can war do to people and how doing the right thing is much harder than doing the opposite. The second issue involves stereotypes and racism. The way the Sky people do to the Navi is all relied on their ideologies. In real life, people have a tendency to stereotype others due to their differences or they truly think they are at the top of the world. There are some prime examples, namely “all natives live in tepees” or even “Canadians live in igloos!” A much well-known “superior” case would be involving the Europeans, the African Americans and the underground railway as well as slavery.

avatar movie 2009

James Cameron has provided many topnotch films and has certainly left his mark in history. Some other famous films that has him involved include; Titanic, Terminator and Aliens. These installments have for certain changed people’s usual perspectives across the world.

Avatar movie 2009 is a true masterpiece of art, inspiration, fascination and is utterly much, much more than the sum of its pieces.

Avatar Movie (2009) – An absolute breath-taking movie to existence
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