Ant-Man And The Wasp: Trailer Analysis (P2)


Alas, Marvel has finally published the first trailer for Ant-Man & the Wasp, and it’s filled with secrets.


Ant-Man & the Wasp promises to use size-changing technology in radical new ways. The first film showed Hank Pym carrying a tank on his key-chain, but Ant-Man & the Wasp goes one better: Hank actually has a portable office building. He turns on a switch outside his office, and the whole structure dwindles to size; he then pulls a briefcase handle out of the shrunken roof. It’s a brilliant and creative idea, and so true to Hank’s character. For sure, the idea of a portable lab is wittily adapted from the comics, where Hank’s Ant-Man helmet once contained a whole laboratory.

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In true Marvel style, the scene is complemented by a panicked and confused pigeon, no doubt wondering where its’ perch has just gone.


More to come is what seems to be Hank’s newest creation: a ship that he can use to travel into the Quantum Zone. In the first film, Hank believed entering the Quantum Zone was fatal. After all, he’d lost his wife when she shrank to a subatomic level. Scott’s journey to the Quantum Zone proved that human could actually survive there, and Hank’s obviously dedicated his time to exploring that mysterious world. His dear hope is that Janet Van Dyne has somehow survived.

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The ship’s design seems very much reminiscent of the Fantastic Four’s exploratory vessels, which they used to explore the Negative Zone. Marvel may be combining the concept of the Quantum Realm with the traditional Negative Zone from the comics.

Meanwhile, watch this scene carefully on the trailer, and you’ll learn just how Hank Pym powers his experiments. He has a giant Duracell battery.


The key villain of the film is Ghost, a sneak-thief who possesses the power to turn intangible. From a thematic point of view, it’s possible Ghost’s powers will actually be linked to the Quantum Realm. One scene looks something like an origin moment and shows her in a lab remarkably similar to Pym’s. What’s more, the idea that she is somehow “out of phase” with reality is a smart way of explaining her ability to turn intangible without adding too many new pseudo-scientific concepts to the film.

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In the comics, Ghost is one of the Thunderbolts, a team of reformed super-villains who are – in some incarnations – forced by the government to act as heroes. She’s the second member of the Thunderbolts to be reinvented for the MCU, and as Marvel chose to leave the first (Zemo in Civil War) alive, there’s hope we could get an alt-Avengers in Phase 4.


Bring on Laurence Fishburne, playing the character of Bill Foster. In the comics, Foster was a scientist who created similar size-changing technology to Hank Pym. He used this tech to become a superhero, taking up the rather on-the-nose title of “Black Goliath.”

The MCU has reinvented Foster as one of Pym’s former assistants. Significantly, the trailer shows him in a lab that looks similar to Hank’s own, suggesting he’s been researching the Quantum Realm. Most importantly, the trailer placed that clip right after one teasing the Ghost, implying that Foster has actually created Ghost (but that may merely be misdirection on Marvel’s part).


It had to happen; you can’t have Ant-Man without his beloved ants. The trailer doesn’t put much of a focus on the mounts this time round, perhaps assuming fans got the idea in the first film. In fact, the only scenes with an ant in are ones where Scott is using a flying ant as a mount. Regardless, fans of Anthony are sure to smile.

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Ant-Man And The Wasp: Trailer Analysis (P2)
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