Ant man movie: a small MCU adventure begins

After dozen successful movies under their collective belt, Marvel Studio are still finding new ways to bring their characters from comic to movies. This time, they bring to us what they’ve prepared for a long time: Ant man – a size shifting hero but mostly shrinking himself.

Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), a.k.a Ant-man, doesn’t have to deal with ruining the cities or plummeting spacecraft. His action is very small in size, yet great in bringing you thrill.
He trains in his mentor’s back garden and fights his arch-nemesis in his seven-year-old daughter’s bedroom. Of course, when Scott shrinks to near-microscopic size, these ordinary locations turn into hyperreal landscapes alive with threat. A lawn becomes a forest teeming with monstrous insects, while a room full of computer servers transforms into a neon-bright skyscraper district. It has to say that Ant Man’s switches in scale are pretty wonderful. They’re part and parcel of a general shift from macro to micro.
The movie starts with our Scott just has his time in prison ends, he was guilty to perform a Robin-Hood bugarly. Waiting and cheering for him is his roomate in jail, Luiz. Scott just wants to prove to his wife (Judy Greer) and her new partner (Bobby Cannavale) that he’s a good father, although to do that he needs a job, and it’s hard to find a good job when you have gone to to jail. In his desperation, Scott agree to join Luiz in a bugarly which leads him to the house of maverick inventor Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and his business whizz daughter Hope (Evangeline Lilly). Scott enters the house with ease, finds no money but a weird suit. Back to Luiz’s apartment, Scott tries on the suit and shrinks himself. He’s kind of scared, so he goes back to Dr.Pym’s house to return the suit. That’s the moment his crazy adventure as Ant man begin. Dr. Pym and his daughter need him to undertake some corporate espionage – or “break into a place and steal some s—t”, as Hank puts it – and retrieve a copy of his incredible shrinking suit technology, with the aid of the secret original prototype from the mid-Sixties, which Hank still keeps locked up in his basement. Scott accepts, though Hope clearly doesn’t think he’s up to the task, and she looks at him like he’s half an inch tall, even when he isn’t.

The Ant Man suit has a steampunk styled beauty, with its worn black and red leather and helmet that looks like a curled-up robotic woodlouse, since it was made during a same set of time of Captain America: The First Avenger. The suit is one of the spotlight of the movie of Ant man and Ant man and the Wasp (2018)
It’s tempting to credit these throwaway coups to Edgar Wright, Ant Man’s original director, and his writing partner Joe Cornish, who both toiled over the script for the best part of a decade only to unexpectedly part ways with it in May last year, mere weeks before shooting was scheduled to begin. In its very best moments, the Ant man full movie has a style that feels just like pure Wright, even if his replacement as director, Peyton Reed, wisely resists the temptation to mimic his predecessor’s hyper-caffeinated visual style.

ant-man and the wasp 2018
In Ant Man movie, we will see the scene that Ant man apologizes to a certain cameoing B-list Avenger in the middle of beating them up. It makes you realize that the one thing the Marvel films have been missing until now is a very human unease with super-heroism. It brings the new senses for superheroes movie.
What we’ve seen since the beginnings of the Marvel serial in 2008 is an ongoing stretching: bigger casts, grander set-pieces and more intricate interplay between characters, with no clear end in sight. Ant Man movie online then Ant man and the Wasp scuttles off in the other direction which make MCU more interesting to see.

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Ant man movie: a small MCU adventure begins
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