Ant-Man And The Wasp: Trailer Analysis

Alas, Marvel has finally published the first trailer for Ant-Man & the Wasp, and it’s filled with secrets.

The superhero sequel will feature the return of Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, now joined by Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne dressing up as the Wasp for the very first time (after being teased in the first Ant-Man‘s mid-credits sequence). It’s one of the most anticipated films of the year, in large part because the first film had such a perfect blend of humor, action, and character-work.

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On the face of it, this first Ant-Man And The Wasp trailer doesn’t give away much of the plot. Instead, it confirms a lot of what fans either already knew or had already guessed. Its focus is more on the film’s tone and style, blending powerful music with character moments and exciting, creative fight scenes. Dig a little deeper, however, and there are a lot more awesome details and plot clues.


Even before the shrinking action starts, you can tell this is an Ant-Man movie; the trailer is scored to “Ants Invasion” by Adam and the Ants, a double-layered level of ant-play. It no doubt helps that the song fits perfectly the tone of Ant-Man and the Wasp, with a throwback sense of adventure. Here’s hoping that it follows Thor: Ragnarok‘s use of “Immigrant Song”  and crosses over into the movie itself.


Ant-Man & the Wasp is set to be released in July this year, months after Avengers: Infinity War. In a quirk of Marvel continuity, though, the film is actually set shortly after the events of Captain America: Civil War. The trailer drives this point home right from the beginning, with a breezy conversation between Ant-Man and the Wasp. Scott imagines another world, one in which he’d asked Hope to help Captain America out when he needed it. It’s backed by flashbacks to the Airport Battle, in which Ant-Man turned GiAnt-Man for the first time.

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Amusingly enough, Hope doesn’t answer the question of whether she’d have sided with Cap directly, instead saying that if she’d turned up, Scott wouldn’t have wound up trapped in the Raft. While this is a fun line, given the likely time travel plot of Avengers 4, it could wind up being some very smart foreshadowing.


The first Ant-Man film introduced us to Scott Lang as an ex-con who was trying to make his way in the world. Unfortunately, the events of Civil War have made that a whole lot more difficult. After all, not only did Ant-Man reveal himself to the Avengers, he was also broken out of a top-secret international prison. It’s clear the decision to side with Captain America has cost Scott greatly, and the trailer shows us Lang under house-arrest, wearing an electronic tag to track his every move.

How will this affect Scott’s relationship with his ex-wife Maggie and their daughter, Cassie? A brief scene shows just how much Cassie still loves her dad, but there’s an ominous voice-over suggesting “the people I love the most, they pay the price.” Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer appears to hint that Scott will break his house arrest so that he can help Hank and Hope. So far, Scott has often failed to think through the consequences of his decisions. Hopefully, he’s learned his lesson; he won’t want to hurt Cassie again.


But the Langs family isn’t the only one who is affected by Scott’s decision to side with Captain America. It seems Hank Pym and Hope Van Dyne have been forced to go on the run, hunted by the FBI. Superhumans are heavily wanted after the agreement of the Sokovia Accords, and Hank and Hope own the size-changing technology that helped Ant-Man take on the Avengers in Civil War. It’s worth noting that Scott name-dropped Hank Pym while he was imprisoned in the Raft, perhaps explaining what tipped them off.

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Certainly, just because the FBI have Hank and Hope surrounded doesn’t mean they can bring them in. Hope is a formidable warrior, and Hank is possibly the most meticulous planner we’ve seen in the MCU to date. Meanwhile, pictures from the set have really show Hank in an FBI jacket. Either he ultimately forms an alliance with the FBI, or he manages to pretend to be an agent at some point in the film.

(To be continued)

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Ant-Man And The Wasp: Trailer Analysis
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