Ant Man and The Wasp Brings A Key Figure Back For The Sequel

Ant Man is Marvel’s tiniest superhero, but last year he made a big debut on the screen. Getting a lot of positive reviews and making a solid amount of money, Marvel announced Ant Man and the Wasp for 2018.

As the title suggests, Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lily will reprise their Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne, and Michael Douglas will likely be back as Hank Pym. Behind the scenes, Peyton Reed will direct Ant Man and the Wasp movie to get it in to the path of success one more time; the script was confirmed to be written by Rudd, Gabriel Ferrari, and Andrew Barrer, so we have reasons to hope that Adam McKay to return as well.

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Adam McKay, writer and director of comedies like Anchorman and Stepbrothers, informed his involve in Ant Man and the Wasp at Santa Barbara International Film Festival.  In his words he said “We’ve been talking to Marvel actually. We just talked to them the other day, and it looks like I will be involved. I don’t know if it’s gonna be right from page one. But it looks like I will definitely be involved. There you go. There’s a little headline for the fanboys!”

Back in 2014, McKay negotiated to be director of Ant Man but then he dropped out and cooperated with Paul Rudd to rewrite the script of Ant Man. At that point, he and Rudd made quite a change including adding different characters and new action beats, but still making sure the movie connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


McKay expressed interest in helping script Ant Man and the Wasp on several occasions, and now fans can take comfort knowing he’ll be participating to some degree. By all accounts, McKay enjoyed working with Marvel the first time, so participating again should be enjoyable for him. It remains to be seen whether McKay will be one of the main group of writers or if he’ll be called in to rewrite it, but he’s already spoken with Paul Rudd about ideas for the movie, so clearly making Ant Man and the Wasp a good story is important to him.

Ant Man and the Wasp is still two years away, but details are sparse on what to expect. Those details make audience dying for waiting until Ant Man and the Wasp hits theaters on July 6, 2018. Still, Scott Lang will have his show up in Captain America Civil War .  As for Adam McKay, his latest movie, The Big Short, is up for five Academy Awards, with him specifically being nominated for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay.


Ant Man and The Wasp Brings A Key Figure Back For The Sequel
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