Annabelle Creation is a piece of pure horror

Annabelle Creation full movie couldn’t be hated more. The film’s idiotic, incoherence and cynical cash-in driven horror fans mad and it is proved to be completely lazily and sloppily built after the success of The Conjuring movie.

Surprisingly, Wan is creating a Conjuring universe with spin-offs based on main characters like the Nun and the Crooked Man. It’s almost like he wishes he hadn’t let the Warner Bros rush into a completely dreadful tie-in.

annabelle creation

Annabelle Creation movie online, a prequel to Annabelle, is itself a prequel to the Conjuring movie, an origin pre-dating story made up for the previous origin story. However, it is still a fairly silly creepy doll movie and its own confines made the film somewhat a triumph.

In short, Annabelle Creation online free is super duper scary. However, the plot makes completely no sense.

A bus filled with unlucky orphans and their guardian nun travel to stay with a doll maker named Antony LaPaglia and his wife, Miranda Otter or in another word: the Mullins. After the unfortunate death of their 7-year-old daughter, Bee 12 years earlier, they are happy to welcome the kids in their big and empty house.

Unfortunately, it’s a creepy old house that filled with dolls as well as their bits. And then there is Bee’s old, locked and well preserved bedroom which hides the famous creepiest doll, Annabelle.

It has all the bad horror movie clichés: the children doesn’t follow their own rules, the land doesn’t have any water, the children hides their creepy experience from the adults, the adults are extremely skeptical, and most importantly, no one ever seems to be able to hear others’ scream, even when they live in the same house, same floor.

Nonetheless, Annabelle Creation 720p Online successfully performed loads of things being done before with pure skill, timing as well as effectiveness. Its expert jump scares every ten minutes or so coming from right to left to center made audiences hard to keep their cool throughout the film.

Though the film is still stick to the boring mythology of Annabelle, a conduit for demon, it does in fact pull some fun tricks with her. The doll doesn’t actually move on its own as it was not possessed but rather be a mastermind set-piece of the demon, rising up under the bed sheet and walking slowly, threatening to reveal its true self.

The film is David F. Sandberg’s second feature after the horror Lights Out, which was also produced by Wan. In the film, Wan’s mark appeared everywhere, from the doll’s workshop to the Easter eggs relating to the Conjuring universe (the cameo of Valak).

Gorier than the films from the Conjuring world, with a little inspires from Final Destination, Annabelle Creation online free is a piece of pure horror made by people who actually love and well understand the genre.

Despite the idiosyncrasies, the film is actually fun to watch and successfully manages to reset Annabelle’s mythology with a clever twist. For certain, it can not be ranked with the master pieces of the years such as Raw, Get Out or It Comes At Night, but then Annabelle Creation full movie is exceptional in terms of pure scares.

Annabelle Creation is a piece of pure horror
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