9 Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Easter Eggs Involving The Greater Wizarding World

From dark wizards to rascal brothers.

JK Rowling has claimed that she wanted Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to suit audience who are completely unfamiliar with Harry Potter (if there are any left), and, true to her statement, there are mind-blowing few Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Easter Eggs hidden across the film.

Given that, of course the connections with the Wizarding World are there, some are clear, some so slick you might not have noticed. So, allow us to LUMOS MAXIMA!

Spoilers incoming!

1. Proud Hufflepuff

When Newt’s briefcase is unsealed on the “muggle worthy” world, a black and yellow striped scarf representing his Hogwarts home, Hufflepuff, can briefly be spotted.

Newt is putting on his scarf when he says goodbye to Tina at the final scenes of the film.

Incidentally, Eddie Redmayne lately unraveled his very own proud Hufflepuff origin.

2. Leda Lestrange

Zoe Kravitz joins the film to play Newt’s first love interest, Leda Lestrange – who shows up in a photo located inside the magic briefcase. Hers is not a name we’ve been familiar with before, but it sure does to any Harry Potter fans. The Lestranges are an ancient pure blood family that Bellatrix Black married into.

Leda could have a crucial connection with the unnamed Lestrange who was one of Voldemort’s old classmates and one of his very first Death Eaters. Voldemort was born in 1926, when the movie is set, so that could imply that Leda is his mother or aunt.

Director David Yates has promised that Leda will be featured more in the later installments.

3. Do you play Quidditch, Mr Scamander?

When anti-magic activist Mary Lou Barebone questions Newt, “Are you a seeker? A seeker after truth?” he can’t help but making a joke: “I’m more of a chaser, really”. It actually could have been worse – he could have been a beater.

4. Theseus Scamander

Newt is mistaken by Percival Graves for a moment for his brother, Theseus Scamander – the “war hero”, who is a mighty British auror (or magical cop). It’s revealed that Theseus and Graves had been in correspondence before the happenings of Fantastic Beasts.

Is Theseus aware that the muggle-hating dark evil wizard Gellert Grindelwald is in disguise as Graves? Even if he isn’t, the exchange with Graves implies that there could very likely be anti-muggle sentiment in the Ministry of Magic, not to mention within Newt’s own family.

5. The sign of the Deathly Hallows

The necklace featuring the symbol of the Deathly Hallows had been found out before the movie even released. It’s this very piece of jewelry that Graves hands Credence Barebone in case the younger man ever has to summon him.

Knowing that Graves is really Grindelwald – a man crazed for the Deathly Hallows and used to be the owner of the Elder Wand – ultimately explains why the symbol pops up in New York City.

6. Porpentina Scamander

It was obvious from the awkward goodbye shared between Tina and Newt that this definitely wouldn’t be the last time the pair would ever see one another. But in a world where most people appear to encounter their one and solely true love on the train on the first day at Hogwarts, we should have understood that things were going to get serious.

Tina Goldstein is really the same Porpentina Scamander talked about in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them novel. She is the grandmother of Rolf Scamader, Luna Lovegood’s spouse.

7. Return of the Niffler

This surely isn’t the first time Nifflers, the greedy tiny creatures have shown up their platypus-like faces in the Wizarding World.

Care of magical creatures expert Rubeus Hagrid introduced his class to these interesting creatures during the events of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and when Dolores Umbridge earned the title headmistress of Hogwarts, Lee Jordan mischievously sneaked two Nifflers into her office to cause chaos.

8. Gellert Grindelwald

In gratitude towards the post-Harry Potter statements of Rowling, we bear in mind that Albus Dumbledore was gay and had a crush for his childhood friend, that evil wicked boy Grindelwald. But what we’ve never expected was whether Grindelwald had the same vibe.

Does Grindewald/Graves’s oddly and perhaps creepy intimate relationship with Credence – done mostly in dark alleyways – imply that there actually is more than just sole single homosexual in the Wizarding World?

9. Professor Dumbledore

And of course how can we miss, there’s Dumbledore himself. It’s revealed that he truly does have a thing for troublesome young students, for we kept in mind that, as Hogwarts’s transfiguration expert, he strongly fought against Newt’s expulsion for causing threat to human life with an unidentified magical creature.

Casting is now being carried out for Dumbledore’s return in Fantastic Beasts 2.

9 Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Easter Eggs Involving The Greater Wizarding World
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