8 Things Making Iron Man 3 the Best of the Trilogy

So if you haven’t seen Iron Man 3 yet, do it. It’s fantastic. I will try to give as little spoilers as possible because you can’t say much about this film without ruining the plot. I’d say it’s arguably the best Iron Man movie in the trilogy, and here’s why:

1) They went away from the usual Iron Man bad guy

In the first two movie, the villain are just normal human having suit that able to match with Iron Man. That’s kind of villain is nowhere to find in Iron Man 3. This time, the main bad guy actually has super power.

2) Tony Stark was full of himself again, but this time it was really funny

At the beginning of Iron Man, before he decides to be Iron Man, he’s just Tony Stark: genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist. He doesn’t really care about others, he’s just a weapons manufacturer. At the beginning of Iron Man 2, we see Tony Stark at the Stark Expo, where he drops in and proves that he’s awesome. Between the first and the second movie, his ego skyrockets… and it didn’t help the movie

3) Sir Ben Kingsley

“You don’t know who I am… you’ll never, see, me coming…” 

Having Kingsley to play the Mandarin is fantastic. After you see the movie, you’ll understand why Kingsley’s performance is absolutely what the movie needed. I can’t say anything more than that. You have to see it yourself.

Sir Ben Kingsley iron man 3

4) The Kid

At his low point, Tony needs to rebuild his suit and this kid Harley (Ty Simpkins) helps Tony out. He and Tony end up having a “connection”, and the back and forth between the two of them is hilarious.

5) Rhodes made a mistake but made up for it by being bad*ss –

In Iron Man 2, and Iron Man 3, Col. James Rhodes, a.k.a. War Machine, accidentally trusts the bad guy to upgrade his suit. In Iron Man 2, Rhodes spent most of his screen time unable to control his suit, because Whiplash was controlling it and trying to kill Tony Stark. Rhodes had only 3-4 minute scene with Tony where they fight off the attacking drones. In Iron Man 3, Rhodes accidentally trusts the company A.I.M. to upgrade his suit, the use it to kidnap the President. This time, instead of just sitting there and doing nothing because he doesn’t have a suit, he fought off 2 henchmen and saved the President with only a handgun… Pretty bad*ss.

6) Pepper Potts was actually important: “Rescue Iron Man

There’s a scene where Tony has to save himself and Pepper, and he commands his suit to wear on Pepper so she can withstand a rocket. That’s the moment I think soon we’ll see Pepper Potts become “Rescue”, a character in the Marvel comic book universe. She seems to be an underdeveloped character who’s going to become a lot more important in the next movie.

7) The Iron Man Trilogy is complete!

In the opening scene of Iron Man 3, we see Tony Stark in Bern, Switzerland, in 1999, where he briefly meets Yensin, who saved Tony in Iron Man and helps him with his original suit. For some reason, bringing Yensin back for even the brief couple seconds made it the best cameo yet, except for Stan Lee, of course. It also helped bring everything together. It brought the trilogy together, almost as if, the story went back to when it began. Even though it probably wasn’t, it felt like the entire Iron Man trilogy was planned from the beginning, and it was because of Yensin showing up in Iron Man 3.

8) The Iron Man suits, and the new technology

list of iron man 3 armor

list of iron man 3 armor

8 Things Making Iron Man 3 the Best of the Trilogy
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