8 Easter Eggs revealed from newest Black Panther trailer

From major plot points to big reveals and surprising Easter Eggs, here are 8 things you need to know about Black Panther full movie?

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We’ve all been feeling hyped about Black Panther for quite a while now but the latest trailer for the film is out of this world. Delivering jaw-dropping visuals and some big hints about what’s to come in the Ryan Coogler helmed release, this may be 2017’s first comic book adaptation but it already stands a chance of being its best. This sneak peek pretty much cements that fact and is truly incredible.

What you’ll find below is an in-depth breakdown of all the biggest and best moments from the trailer. Ranging from major plot points to surprising reveals and unexpected Easter Eggs, you’ll want to keep reading if you want to know about what’s on the way when T’Challa finally gets his own movie set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s going to be a fun ride but quite different to what we expected…

8. A Trip To The Afterlife?

One of the most visually stunning moments in the Black Panther trailer comes when we pay a visit to what appears to be Djalia, a mystical realm that serves as the collective memory for Wakanda. This was introduced by Ta-Nehisi Coates during his critically acclaimed comic book run and it was where Shuri’s spirit dwelt following her murder at the hands of Thanos’ Black Order.

Could it be that this is the point where T’Challa reconnects with his father and those who have served as the Black Panther prior to him? It certainly seems likely but it’s worth noting that Shuri was restored to the land of the living after her visit to this mystical realm, so it could be that the titular hero is mortally wounded and this is what he sees while he’s knocking on heaven’s door. You may have also realised that this sequence has been heavily inspired by The Lion King!

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7. Forget Klaue; Meet Klaw

We were introduced to Ulysses Klaue in Avengers: Age of Ultron and it was there the villain lost his arm when the android that movie was named after sliced if off following one comment too many about Tony Stark. Despite that, he still made a fortune for stealing Vibranium from Wakanda and has obviously used that money to get a very advanced prosthetic.

In this trailer, we get to see it in action as the villain leans out of the car he’s a passenger in and fires an impressive looking blast at the pursuing T’Challa. The sound generating device looks quite a bit different to what his comic book counterpart sports but the imagery here is more than a little disturbing as Klaue’s fingers separate and the blast emanates from between them. It’s a unique design and it should be interesting seeing whether or not he ultimately upgrades to his arm being a full-on weapon.

6. Killmonger’s Fancy New Suit

During Comic-Con, we heard that Erik Killmonger would be decked out in a Black Panther suit of his own in the movie. That’s been shown in action figure form since but at last it’s revealed here and isn’t a Panther suit after all. In fact, if you take a closer look at the decal, it’s clearly based on a jaguar so it could be that the villain’s persona here is , in fact, the Black Jaguar!

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What significance that will affect Wakandan culture is hard to say for the time being but the technology Killmonger uses is every bit as advanced as what T’Challa’s new suit offers. Did he steal it or is he smart enough to create his own costume? I’d bet on the former, especially as he makes an ally in Ulysses Klaue, the only man who made it out of Wakanda alive after managing to invade the country and steal some highly sought after Vibranium.

5. T’Challa’s New Costume

Talking of new costumes, we see here that T’Challa has seriously upgraded his wardrobe since the last time we saw him. Rather than being a physical suit as it was in Captain America: Civil War, this version is made from some sort of nanotechnology which spreads over his body at will. That’s very similar to the Bleeding Edge armour worn by Iron Man in the comic books but what significance does that purple hue have?

Killmonger’s suit glows yellow and you have to believe that there’s a reason behind it as it would be quite disappointing if it’s only because Marvel thought it would look cool. Perhaps Vibranium can be weaponised somehow to be even more powerful but it will be interesting finding out whether or not this new colour scheme to T’Challa’s costume will be a permanent fixture or if it will continuously change as time passes.

4. Shuri’s Designs

It’s important to note that this trailer confirms that it’s not T’Challa who is responsible for creating his own tech despite the fact he’s portrayed as a Tony Stark-level genius in the comic books. In fact, it’s his sister Shuri who has come up with the hero’s suit – the greeting they share here could become the new craze in the same way as the Big Hero 6 fist bump – but what does that mean for her future?

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In the comic books, Shuri ultimately becomes the Black Panther and whereas that’s something we could clearly see (she does sport some pretty awesome Panther gauntlets in the film), what if there’s more to the MCU’s version of Shuri than meets the eye? What if, for instance, she’s the one who gave Killmonger his suit and is going to turn her back on her brother? It may sound a little far-fetched but we’ve seen Marvel make similar departures from the source material in the past!

3. A Hidden Paradise

In 2018, how on Earth could an entire country like Wakanda remain hidden? The previous trailer indicated that those who live there have given outsiders the impression that it’s your typical African nation but this sneak peek reveals that it’s actually been kept hidden through the use of a series of forcefields. That’s a smart idea and one which has obviously kept prying eyes away from those who would like to get their hands on the nation’s resources.

The question is, will this forcefield come down by the time all is said and done? Wakanda being exposed to the world would certainly be a gamechanger and explains how Thanos’ forces wind up attacking there in Avengers: Infinity War. That said, it could be that this and Wakanda’s highly advanced technology all stem from one of the Infinity Stones. That seems like a very likely possibility, anyway.

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2. A Truly Unique Setting

Regardless of whether or not Wakanda does have an Infinity Stone to thank for being so much more advanced than the rest of the world, it’s clear that Black Panther is going to take us to a very, very different corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. T’Challa’s home looks like nowhere we’ve ever seen on the big screen before as it makes use of classic African architecture and technology which is way beyond our own.

That’s a unique combination and one which will be entertaining to see here. Still, take a closer look at this trailer and there are some spots which are especially interesting. M’Baku’s fortress is very different while the final battle between Black Panther and Killmonger is seemingly taking place on some sort of underground train line. Is that only part of Wakanda’s infrastructure or something a bit more cosmic in nature? The latter could be a possibility as it’s certainly a sight to behold and could tie into that Infinity Stone theory!

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1. Erik Killmonger’s Plan

One of the biggest reveals in this trailer for Black Panther is the fact that Erik Killmonger speaks with what seems to be an American accent. Up until now, most fans assumed that he would be a fellow Wakandan whose taste for power leads to him coming into conflict with T’Challa but it’s clear there’s an awful lot more to the villain than meets the eye. While we still don’t know what his plan is in its entirety, it looks like he’s set his sights set on Wakanda and exposing the nation to the world.

Of course, if you read the Black Panther comics, you’ll know that the young Killmonger and his family were exiled from Wakanda when he was very young and that he grew up in America despising T’Challa and wanting revenge. It’s good that Marvel Studios is following the source material in that respect and it will now be interesting finding out what his end goal is.

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8 Easter Eggs revealed from newest Black Panther trailer
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