7 Best Moments In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is finally arriving, and while it isn’t as highly anticipated as the first film, it’s still has tons of fun, and a more-than-worthy sequel.

James Gunn has increased the fanboy-friendly moments, cleverly exploited Groot’s cuteness, and delivered some insane action and wicked plot twists, ensuring Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 doesn’t miss iconic and unforgettable scenes.

If you want twisted sense of humor, awesome action accompanied by incredible music, and a rare Marvel death that actually means something, you are in luck.

So here are the 7 best moments you won’t be able to stop talking about.

7.Groot & The Severed Toe

After Taserface leads a revolt against Yondu that causes him, Rocket and Groot to end up as prisoners on-board Yondu’s own ship, Yondu and Rocket try to persuade Groot into helping them locate his new prototype fin in order to escape.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Groot, being a baby and not very intelligent, can’t make out what either Yondu or Rocket are telling him, and each time comes back with objects they are looking for, like an alien creature, Yondu’s underwear, a crew member’s fake eyeball, a desk, and eventually, a severed human toe.

Rocket jokingly asks Yondu if they’ve got a refrigerator full of toes on the ship, but of course, there isn’t any, so agrees they never speak of this incident again.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

 6. “I Have Famously Huge Turds”

Not feeling happy with completing a job well done for the Sovereign people, Rocket steals some prized batteries from them, causing them to give chase, sending a bunch of drones to attack.

As the Guardians attempt to escape, they can’t help but start quarreling non-stop, leading to Rocket warning Star-Lord that he’ll plant a turd in his belongings if he doesn’t watch his mouth.

After Star-Lord seemingly to be unimpressed at some raccoon poop, Rocket tells him that, in fact, he’ll use Drax’s feces instead.

By this point, Drax interferes with an unforgettable one-liner, “I have famously huge turds”. Drax steals many, many scenes in this film, but this just might be his most memorable line of all.

5. Taserface’s Death

There are very few characters in the film who are as ridiculous as Taserface, the Ravager who kick-starts the riot against Yondu, and insists that his name terrifies anyone who hears it.

Cue Rocket, who is tied up in his ship at this point, laughing at the stupidity of the guy’s supposedly terrifying name, while Taserface keeps on hilariously trying to insist that his name really is that scary.

His lame name is a recurring gag during the Ravager sequence, which has the fantastic pay-off of Taserface sending a message to the Sovereign people just minutes before he’s blown to bits, stating that he simply wants everyone to know who delivered Yondu to them: the man known as Taserface.

At this point, the Sovereign woman on the other end of the video call bursts out laughing at his name, despite the fact that their race’s general lack of emotion. You have to admit it is really funny if the Sovereigns are laughing, right?

Taserface is again not being taken seriously before the ship explodes, providing a welcome cherry on top.

4. The Abilisk Fight

The film starts with the Guardians battling the inter-dimensional monster known as the Abilisk, in order to protect some batteries for the Sovereigns.

The scene is accompanied by Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Sky”, as Groot dances along in the front, despite the fact that his friends are getting beaten up by the Abilisk in the background. Eventually, Gamora makes short work of the monster by slicing open its stomach and retrieving a Drax soaked in goo, who was attempting to slice it open from the inside.

Yes, it’s totally self-indulgent, but it’s also an exciting re-introduction to these characters, cementing how they’re now skilled, while taking full advantage of Groot’s unique cuteness.

3. Ego’s Big Reveal

It wasn’t surprising, but it sure was effective. While on Ego’s planet, he explains to Peter that over the millions of years he’s been alive, the species he’s faced throughout the universe have been mostly disappointing, and he eventually find meaning in life by propagating himself through as much of it as possible.

Ego has used his abilities to plant seeds on thousands of planets that would transform them in his own image, but he needed the help of his son, Peter, to activate the seeds. Peter is just his most recent son, with Ego having previously impregnated hundreds of alien women in the hope of finding a genetically compatible son to help him activate these seeds. When they didn’t fit, he killed them.

On top of that, Ego then explains to Peter that he planted a tumor inside his mother’s head so that it can kill her and ensure that he wouldn’t be lured back to Earth because, after all, he did in fact love her.

This snaps Peter out of his hypnotic compliance, and drives the third act battle against Ego.

2. Nebula Goes North By Northwest

After helping capture Yondu for the Ravagers, Nebula heads off to find her sister Gamora, and finally meets her on Ego’s planet.

The resulting scene is a blatant, brilliant respect to the iconic crop duster scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense classic North by Northwest (1959), with Gamora sat in a dusty field as the faint hum from the Nebula’s ship is heard in the background.

Gamora then turns to see the ship coming, and tries to escape as Nebula starts wildly firing at her. Gunn even admitted in interviews that the scene was a totally intentional tribute to the Master of Suspense, and it’s considerably the best homage in the entire movie.

1. David Hasselhoff’s Cameo

During Star-Lord’s final battle with Ego, Ego briefly transforms himself into the very man Peter would pretend was his father as a kid, none other than David Hasselhoff!

Yes, The Hoff pays a quick cameo in the third act playing himself in a Knight Rider-esque get-up, and while you can argue it’s a needless shock of comedy in a fairly serious scene, the sheer “Is this really happening?” appeal of seeing him in a Marvel movie basically speaks for itself.

In a film absolutely riddled with cameos, he might get the most wonderfully weird and unexpected of all. Additionally, he also contributes to a song that plays through Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 movie’s credits.

7 Best Moments In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2
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