6 of the Best memorable Moments in Ant Man

Despite of being a final phase 2 movie, Ant Man provides a fresh and original feelings to the audiences, which helps it to be more alike a Phase 3 movie, especially when it mentions a lot of superheroes, including Black Panther, Dr. Strange or even new Spider Man)

Ant Man, as thought by many other people that it cannot be a success without the involvement of Edgar Wright, the director had parted ways with the studio upon the opinion difference, turns out a bomb in the cinematic market thanks to the positive reviews and box office success.

Ant Man

What makes Ant Man so awesome and a must-see like that, let’s review six most memorable scenes.

6. Ant Man vs. The Falcon

At first, it was a little bit frustration when Marvel kept exposing Falcon’s role in Ant Man in different multimedia to promote this move. However, all our audience seems to put all blames on Marvel too soon because the appearance of Falcon in the movie is indeed interesting. Accordingly, when our hero Scott Lang breaks into the New Avengers’ headquarter and two of them have a fight. Marvel has proved itself as a specialist in making superheroes both cool and entertaining at the same time; while Ant Man seems to be a very clever man, Falcon appears to be an ordinary human looking alike superhero when he’s caught off guard, thereby giving him Ant Man a chance to defeat him.

5. R.I.P. Antony

Another reason that makes Ant Man so wonderful is that it drives the audiences to care about the life of Anthony and the strong binding between Scott Lang and this small ant. We may find it a cute moment when Scott feeds Antony with a raindrop while Antony becomes the closest company of Scott in the last battle then catch the stray bullets for his friend. The death of Antony is also a motive or an engine for the flourishment of Scott Lang when he puts every of his effort to make Cross pay for what he’s done. Although the ants in this movie are the virtual products, they make the audiences feel like they’re very real.

4. Final Battle

While the superheroes of Marvel movies, such as Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor frequently deal with the world ending threats, even in the solo outings or in the common movies, the reason for the final battle in Ant Man is very personally emotional, it’s because Scott wants to save his daughter. May be to other superheroes, their duties are something at large-scale or something big and important, Scott is just an ordinary hero who pays attention to fatherhood only. Besides, the glorious inventive sequence with wonderful sight gags and visually stunning moments are another good points for this movie.

Some rumors say that Spider Man will be mentioned somehow in Ant Man, which actually becomes one of the most expecting moment in a Marvel movie. From what Luis tell Falcon, it’s easy for the audiences to miss her sayings about a hero who swings through the sky and sticks to walls and it’s of course Spider Man. His existence is Marvel cinematic universe (where he is fighting against crime in at least few weeks before the press can find out) is a stepping-stone for his debut in Captain America Civil War, which is expected to be released in the upcoming year, and (is) the conjunction joint for all Marvel movies. To many comic book fans, this vague reference is enough for them to jump out of their chairs.

2. Guess Who’s Looking For Ant Man

The nod to Spider Man is not the only one noteworthy in Luis’ final monologue (the appearance of Stan Lee’s cameo is funny too and, we completely can count his appearance as the third noteworthy of this movie) since the moment when Falcon is looking for Ant Man is fairly interesting, which reveals that Ant Man may join the Avengers. The end of Ant Man leaves the audience wondering what will happen to Scott in the next possible sequel. Will he reveal his identity to the world like the way Tony Stark announced to the press that he’s the one hiding behind the Iron Man’s armor?

1. The After-Credits Scenes

Save for the movie contents, Marvel’s after-credits are always the most expecting since they will reveal some plots of the upcoming movies. Both after-credits of Ant Man significantly reveals some teasers of the Phase 3. Whilst the first one unveils that Hope Van Dyne is going to be the Wasp, the most expecting animation character of Marvel in the recent years, in the upcoming releases (but not the Captain America Civil War), the second one shows the scene where Captain America and Falcon capturing his friend, Winter Soldier “Bucky”. Although the fate of Ant Man is yet to be clarify, the audiences have a lot of things to expect in the year 2016.

6 of the Best memorable Moments in Ant Man
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