5 best Easter eggs in SpiderMan Homecoming

SpiderMan Homecoming is the most referential movie the the Marvel Cinematic universe, jam-packed with nods to the comic books and laced with treats for fans of both the Marvel universe and Peter Parker’s comic book origins.

From a wink to Deadpool to a Miles Morales reference to a Cindy Moon spotting, there are all types of interesting stuff in Homecoming that normal fans might have missed and might need a second viewing in order to really catch.

 Here are five of the SpiderMan Homecoming movie’s best Easter eggs; needless to say, there are spoilers ahead.

1. The massive hint that Miles Morales exists in this universe

The SpiderMan Homecoming Easter egg: In the movie’s second act, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) goes back through his suit’s visual memory and finds Donald Glover’s Aaron Davis, one the men appear during the arms deal which Peter broke up when he ditched Liz’s party. The suit regards Davis as having an alias named “Prowler” and when Peter confronts him, he mentions about his nephew who lives in the neighborhood and how he wants to keep the weapons off the street.

Meaning: In one timeline of Marvel’s comic books, Davis is the uncle of a character named Miles Morales. Morales is the black-Hispanic SpiderMan taking over Peter Parker’s name in the alternate universe and is one of readers’ favorite. Additionally, Davis’s license plate in the movie is “UCS-M01), what seems to be a reference to Ultimate Comics Spider-Man No.1 – the very first appearance of Miles Morales.

2. The hint that Silk might exist in this universe

The SpiderMan Homecoming movie Easter egg: There was Cindy, an Asian-American girl, is one Peter Parker’s Academic Decathlon team.

Meaning: Cindy didn’t appear much but the film seems to be hinting the existence of Cindy Moon, a Marvel hero goes by the name Silk. Silk was bit by the same spider that bit Peter Parker and gave him his powers, and that spider likewise granted her similar powers

3. A respect to Deadpool

The SpiderMan Homecoming movie Easter egg: During the gym class scene, Liz and her friends are playing “fuck, marry, kill” with the characters from Avengers. When Liz says she has a thing for Spidey, her friend nag her, pointing out that no one know how Spider-Man really look like behind his mask and he could have massive burns on his face.

The Spider Man Homecoming

Meaning: The joke appears to be pointing at Deadpool, a character whose costume is similar to that of SpiderMan, but is in almost every other way the hero’s opposite. Deadpool is a Marvel antihero with massive burns on his face, and also a kind of smart-ass (Ryan Reynolds played him in Fox’s 2015 titular movie). Deadpool and SpiderMan also share a comic book, Spider-Man/Deadpool, that plays on the comedic chemistry between the two.

As part of the X-Men cinematic universe, Deadpool’s movie rights lies with Fox, so we’re probably never going to get a movie where Sony’s Spider-Man and Deadpool share the screen. But the little joke is a pretty nice reminder of both heroes’ offscreen relationship.

4. Captain America and Iron Man made up?

The SpiderMan Homecoming Easter egg:  Before the final fight, Happy (Jon Favreau) is going over the moving plane’s inventory and mentions a new prototype for Captain America’s (Chris Evans) shield.

Meaning: Homecoming happens after the events of Captain America Civil War, a movie that saw the crack between Captain America and Iron Man’s friendship. Cap’s shield was heavily damaged in the final fight of Civil War, and Cap decided to leave it with Iron Man. This raises question of why Iron Man would have a new prototype of Captain America ‘s shield after Civil War.

The SpiderMan Homecoming movie online Easter egg seems to imply that despite their conflicts, Iron Man is still working on or repairing Cap’s shield, and probably letting his ill will in the past. Or perhaps Iron Man sees a future where the two could finally work together again. With Avengers Infinity War on the way, it seems like more of a given than a possibility.

5. The best onscreen superhero kiss ever

The SpiderMan Homecoming Easter full movie online egg: During the Washington Monument rescue scene, “Karen,” the AI in Peter’s suit, tells him to kiss Liz after he rescues her.

Meaning: This scene is an homage to the kiss between Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) and MJ (Kristin Dunst) from the first Spider-Man film by Sony: an upside down, rain-soaked kiss where MJ pulls Spidey’s mask halfway down before putting her lips onto his. The Homecoming scene is similar in that Spider-Man is upside down and just rescued Liz, and she could easily recreate the famous scene. Unfortunately, the kiss never happens, maybe because Peter falls before it can take place or because Liz is simply not MJ.

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5 best Easter eggs in SpiderMan Homecoming
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    One of the biggest things going for Spider Man Homecoming full movie , in addition to the pure sense of joy it strives toward, is its villain. Michael Keaton gives us one of the few deeply interesting antagonists in the MCU. Spider Man Homecoming full movie actually manages to surprise as well. There are a couple of moments that made my audience gasp, which is something I don’t often experience with comic book films. It all adds up to a joyful experience with a breezy pace, tons of hear, and genuinely well-realized characters that are almost absurdly likable. In terms of pure summer fun, this is probably the best you’ll experience in 2017.

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