21 Jump Street Full Movie Review: Such an Agreeable Shambles

It’s both strange and hilarious when cultural properties like 21 Jump Street full movie are remade keeping almost everything but turning out to be a parody of the original one.

21 Jump Street Full Movie

On one hand, no one is going to want a straight remake of The Brady Bunch presented to a ferociously polarized country at the height of 60s counterculture and the sugary vision of an apolitical, pure-blood, suburban California never-never land. On the other hand, the parody remaking seems to say that the people who created the show had so little invested in their utopian vision that they happily let it be travestied.

The context that 21 Jump Street full movie brings on the big-screen is not half-bad. It isn’t a straight, serious remake of the 80s Fox TV series, but it’s also not a spoof. Directors Phil  Lord and Chris Mitchell borrow the premise for something different as a comic fantasy about going back and reliving your last year of high school.

21 Jump Street full movie

In 21 Jump Street full movie, tubby Jonah Hill and hunky Channing Tatum are rookie cops. They have been in the same class in high school, but being in polar-opposite social classes, and somehow they become best friend taking police college together. After a bad, slapstick basic-training first act, the movie settles down and becomes oddly compelling. Their new boss (Ice Cube) orders them to impersonate high school students to trace the origin of drug that has been whacking kids out. Bizarrely, they move in with Hill’s parents setting the stage for a dreamlike, time-travel vibe in which everything looks almost the same but nothing remotely is. High school changes since they graduated: what was square is now hip, what was hip is square, bullying is not cool anymore, and everyone has gone green.

21 Jump Street online’s most ingenious twist is the mix-up of the hapless pairs’ aliases, whereby Hill finds himself paired with the popular kids while Tatum is now surrounded by science nerds. The fun is watching each of them rise from their rocking start with halting Hill finding his inner smoothie and dim Tatum some intellectual resources.

To be honest, it’s quite surprise to see Hill going as Depp’s character in the original show, but he surely has high energy and crack timing. You can’t dislike someone so eager to please. Tatum finds his wits onscreen. The best scenes feature an anti-bullying environmentalist drug dealer played by Dave Franco, who’s like a cross between his weirdo brother James and fifties Method neurotics like Montgomery Clift.

All in all, 21 Jump Street online full movie is such an agreeable shambles until its last fifteen minutes. The shoot-outs are supposed to be great fun, but they are staged with neither wit nor bravura. The worst thing is a belabored gonzo joke at the expense of the TV show that would need to be a lot funnier than it is to earn its disrespect. 21 Jump Street 720p doesn’t have to worship at the altar of its predecessor, but it could send it off with a little more class.

21 Jump Street Full Movie Review: Such an Agreeable Shambles
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