21 Jump Street full movie – 5 reasons leading to success

On paper, 21 Jump Street full movie free was not a tempting proposition. A remake of a 1980s TV series with a hilarious premise — fresh-faced cops go undercover as high school students.

21 Jump Street full movie online

Produced by Neal Moritz, a man whose previous attempt at an action-comedy reboot of a famous masterpiece was the dreadful “The Green Hornet.” Directed by two first-time live-action feature directors. Written by the man behind “Project X.” And featuring Jonah Hill, resulting in a horrible R-rated comedy flop, in “The Sitter,” and Channing Tatum, a man whose last turns weren’t so much performed as sharp.

And still, 21 Jump Street full movie online was a victory, opening to a hugely impressive $35 million over the weekend. And more importantly, it was also actually, really good, probably the best studio movie of this young year to date, and one of the funniest comedies in decades. So what happened? What separated the movie, directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and written by Michael Bacall, from the tons of other R-rated comedies in the last few years? The 21 Jump Street movie’s clearly got issues (a drawn-out ending, a weak villain), but for the most part, it works like gangbusters, and we’ve dived into it, to find out why the movie is such an unlikely triumph.

1) 21 Jump Street full movie online – A Lean & Satisfying Script

That ten-minute opening is a good indicator of how the movie as a whole will play out: different from most modern comedies, there’s not a lot of fat on the bones. Even the best of the Judd Apatow stable (“Knocked Up,” “Bridesmaids“) seem a little overlong and sluggish at times, but 21 Jump Street moves at a crackerjack pace from beginning to end.

It goes off occasionally, but those threads never look indulgent, and generally the more leftfield moments are working towards some greater intentions in terms of setting up character or plot: even the drug freak-out scene pays off when Molly blows Schmidt and Jenko’s cover at the worst possible moment. There’s a preciseness to Bacall’s scripting that’s reminds of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s movies — unsurprising when you consider that Bacall co-wrote “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.” They all know that when the set-up and the punchline are really in sync, you don’t just laugh, but you feel naturally satisfied.

2) 21 Jump Street full movie online – The Brilliant And Hilarious Car Chase Scene

The easy way to take 21 Jump Street HD would’ve been to follow the action path, filling it with explosions, while Tatum and Hill throw quips back and forth. Instead, the movie wisely prefers to send up the genre instead, all while having fun within the framework, and when it comes time to the centerpiece action scene, 21 Jump Street full movie gleefully subverts convention at the same time.

Running afoul of a motorcycle gang, Schmidt and Jenko end up in a freeway chase. For the duo who expect their careers to be like what they’ve witnessed on TV, things don’t quite go as intended. Directors Lord and Miller make the scene a showcase for their comic timing — something that approaches a “Looney Tunes” sensibility here — as two trucks (incuding one ridiculously stenciled “Oil & Fuel”) face off bullets and bikes and, nothing happens. Jenko and Schmidt are baffled, but when it comes to the innocent looking chicken truck, the viewers set up with two missed explosions already knows what’s coming. That it’s still rediculously funny is all thanks the work of Lord and Miller who show that sometimes the build-up, is even greater than the punchline.

21 Jump Street full movie

3) 21 Jump Street HD – Fun Redefining The High School Stereotypes

The genre is full of easily identifiable stereotypes from movie to movie. But again, in a quest to keep things new and to signify the fish-out-of-water situation Schmidt and Jenko find themselves in, Bacall and Hill come up with a high school world that has changed dramatically. Environmentalism and tolerance are what it takes to the top of the high school popularity chain, while aggressive machismo of the jock crowd will put you on the outside. Likely, it is school spirit (in a nice little character detail, Dave Franco’s drug dealing Eric is not only using the yearbook room to do business, he’s actually editing it too).

Suddenly, Schmidt finds his honest awkwardness as an asset in this world, while Jenko has to entirely readjust to not being instantly accepted. Indeed, the high school world showed here is how many of us would find it getting back to the hallways of our ancient alma mater — surreal and odd, with an entire new set of rules. The moviemakers know that, and use it to great comic effect.

4)21 Jump Street full movie – It’s Truly And Consistently Surprising

Some would have you think that viewers only ever want variations on what they’ve seen before, repeated unceasingly; something familiar, something comforting. We’d suggest that viewerss are actually crying out the other side, and what’s nice about Lord and Miller’s 21 Jump Street movie is that it consistently goes beyond your expectations. We’ve gathered two of the best examples above, in the car chase gag and the portrayal of the high schoolers, but it’s consistent thouroughout the movie.

From the canny way that Jenko and Schmidt have their high school roles played to the Johnny Depp cameo (admittedly, that was spoiled for many by the trades months ago, but the audience we saw as in complete shock, and then again when he’s brutally shot to pieces), from Jenko throwing after a gunfight to Rob Riggle ending the movie with his own dick in his mouth. You might be able to foretell the broad sweep of 21 Jump Street HD movie, but shot after shot, all kinds of surprises and overturned clichés await, and it makes the film feel genuinely fresh.

5)21 Jump Street full movie – It’s Self Aware Without Becoming Too Meta

Part of the reason many have been wary about the movie is that it seems to be implication of the worst of Hollywood remake culture. But the moviemakers don’t just manage to triumphantly revamp the cops-in-high-school concept, but they also joke at themselves for even trying it.

From Nick Offerman‘s Sgt telling the central duo that the undercover program’s being revived because of a “lack of imagination,” to Chris Parnell‘s drama teacher saying “That’s the end of the second act!” at, wait for it, the end of the second act, it’s full of neat, knowing references without separating a wider audience (Offerman’s “37 Jump Street” joke plays to everyone who knows the title). And like “Hot Fuzz,” easily the closest comparison thing, it knows the genre completely, feasting and sending up the clichés, and placing more emphasis on its central wonderful bromance rather than anything else.

21 Jump Street full movie – 5 reasons leading to success
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